Soundbars and tabletop speakers are popular choices for enhancing audio quality in conference rooms. Each offers valuable features, including voice clarity, background noise suppression, and video capture. However, they may not be the best audio solution for your meeting space.

Have you been on a remote call where you could see everyone in a conference room but found it challenging to hear those speaking toward the back? Alternatively, you may have been in a small conference room during a call with a tabletop speaker. Although everyone hears you clearly, the speaker occupies precious table space.

Ceiling mounted microphones are an ideal substitute to overcome these obstacles.

Are you considering adjusting your hybrid meeting audio experience? Here are three advantages of installing ceiling-mounted microphones in small to medium-sized conference rooms.

Centralized ceiling mounted microphones elevate voice clarity equally

Meeting spaces often feature a wall-mounted video and sound bar below a digital display on the far end or to one side of a meeting space. Placing a soundbar on the far side of a room can hinder how well remote team members hear in-room conversations. This is due to a soundbar’s directional audio path having to travel further to pick up on-site meeting participants’ voices.

Tabletop microphones can help adjust to these challenges. However, more microphones mean more systems to synchronize and maintain. Rather than having multiple sound and microphone devices in a meeting space, a ceiling mic can serve as a single small to medium-sized space voice capture solution.

Ceiling mounted microphones, like the Shure ceiling MXA902 microphone array capture audio in a 20 by 20-foot area with more consistent sound quality. You can place Shure arrays directly above tables to reach the most users.

Embedded loudspeaker ensures everyone can hear on-screen contributors

Sound bars, like ceiling mounted microphones, can have dual-purpose audio features – microphones and speakers.

Similar to voice capture, challenges can occur with audio projection. In small to medium-sized spaces, sound bar audio must travel a longer distance, possibly causing on-site attendees to adjust sound bar audio levels, move closer to the soundbar, or invest in additional tools.

Shure’s MXA902 ceiling mounted microphone array projects audio with an embedded high-output loudspeaker. The loudspeaker disperses audio equally to ensure every person in the room can hear remote meeting participants.

Ceiling mounted microphones support simple meeting experiences and seamless design

Modern meeting space design is clean and minimalistic. Multiple wall-mounted or tabletop devices increase the likelihood of exposed cables and wires. In smaller spaces, tabletop speakers can also take up valuable workspace for meeting attendees. Businesses can keep their meeting spaces clean and fresh with ceiling mounted microphones.

Shure has built its MXA902 to blend in with today’s modern architectural designs. The array comes in a white finish to match or can be painted to match your office’s ceiling. Additionally, the array can be hung via a pole or cables, depending on your aesthetic.

In either installation scenario, the MXA902 array is certified for use with Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms and is compatible with Google Meet.

Shure Microflex MXA902 Ceiling Array Microphone

Implement Shure ceiling mounted microphones with AVI-SPL support

If you are upgrading your small to medium-sized meeting spaces with new audio speakers and microphones, AVI-SPL has design and integration experts who can help.

AVI-SPL engineers collaborate with you to refine your room designs by replacing and accommodating new devices and ensuring new microphones match your office’s look and feel.

Furthermore, our technology experts will integrate your arrays following integration plans and processes you and our teams agree to, ensuring unparalleled voice clarity and audio quality.

Contact us today to elevate your audio experience with Shure ceiling mounted microphones.