Avoid the bowling alley effect to enhance meeting equity

Microsoft, Logitech, Poly powered hybrid meeting.

Old office layouts can hinder hybrid meeting effectiveness and equity. Updating your spaces with intuitive collaboration technology solutions can help end-users easily and clearly interact with technology and each other.

Our eBook, “Avoid the Bowling Alley Effect,” can help you elevate your team’s hybrid meeting experiences by:

  • Addressing the bowling alley effect in hybrid meetings
  • Assessing spaces and their technology requirements
  • Ensuring and facilitating meeting equity with solutions from Microsoft, Logitech, and Poly
  • Thinking about collaboration technology’s role in hybrid work
  • Empowering anywhere work
  • Testing workplace designs before you build
  • Tracking end-user experiences for greater ROI
  • Ensuring your AV and UCC solutions are future-proof

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