Neat collaboration solutions

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Neat designs simple and elegant pioneering video devices for Zoom and Microsoft Teams, helping to make your meeting experiences the best they can be by ensuring you and your colleagues always look, sound, and feel great. 

Neat turns meetings into cinematic productions that encourage freedom of movement and organic conversation.

This more human digital experience positively impacts people’s well-being, motivation, and productivity.

Putting people first

Hybrid work is here to say, and organizations are working to find the right model and technologies to support their teams.

One thing is clear, though: forward-thinking organizations that prioritize putting the right collaboration tools in place for their dispersed, hybrid workforce will give them a strong competitive advantage.


AVI-SPL and Neat work together to transform the meeting and collaboration experience for organizations standardized on Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom. Neat’s sleek, elegant devices have won multiple Red Dot design awards while focusing on people’s wellbeing and social interaction to maximize the creativity and productivity of distributed teams. 


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