Get in the game – how to fund your Esports program

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Discover how to fund your esports program in our on-demand webcast with Logitech, NACE, and AVI-SPL experts.

Are you a higher ed decision maker looking for new ways to fund your esports program? If so, this AVNetwork Roundtable was specifically designed for you!

Procuring funding for any program in higher education requires a demonstrated ROI. And the bottom line for any university is student recruitment and retention. And esports can help.

Esports is gaining ground

There are more than 68 million reasons why investing in an esports program will serve the bottom line. 68 million is the estimated Gen Z population.  Ranging in age between 11 to 26, Gen Zs are the first fully digital natives. 87 percent say they are gamers, and 70 percent say video games help them stay connected.

More than 10 percent of students are interested in the business of esports as a career, working behind the scenes.

Esports in education is not a passing trend. The National Association of Collegiate Esports association has more than 240 member schools and more than 5,000 students and growing.

Experts share ways to fund your esports program

Armed with all this data, you still may not loosen the purse strings for a dedicated esports venue at your institution. This roundtable panel discusses ways to identify and share the budget with other departments that would benefit from a large video wall, high-powered PCs, cameras, headsets, mice, keyboards, and other components. We will explore career pathways for students beyond esports, such as marketing, broadcasting, communications, and business, which will be an added benefit to help bolster those departments.

The panel will also discuss how esports has been identified as a way to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Speakers include experts from AVI-SPL, Logitech, and NACE.


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