How to meet hybrid workplace expectations: on-demand webcast

hybrid collaboration

Is your company meeting today’s expectations of what a hybrid workplace should be? Employees want effective tools and workspaces so they don’t feel like they’re wasting time when they travel to the office.

If you’re refining or rethinking your hybrid spaces, hear what industry leaders have to say about the modern office. AVNetwork talked to experts from AVI-SPL, Sharp NEC, and JLL Technologies about:

  • Designing spaces to achieve the outcomes you want
  • Asking users how to better support the human experience
  • Using VR in modern hybrid workspaces
  • Balancing work needs between home and office
  • Removing barriers to flexibility and interoperability

Watch AVNetwork’s Roundtable Panel: “2023 Meeting Hybrid Workplace Expectations,” brought to you by AVNetwork and sponsored by AVI-SPL.

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