LG optimizes regional HQ work experience with digital displays and AVI-SPL support




Englewood Cliffs, NJ




Project overview and goals

LG’s North American headquarters is in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, on a 27-acre wooded plot.

The multi-building site serves as a place to work and highlight LG’s vast workplace, home, and education-focused solutions. It enables staff and visitors to be highly efficient with a modern, easy-to-use work atmosphere while reducing emissions, ensuring competitive operations, and providing value to the local community.

The electronics manufacturer worked with HOK to design its regional headquarters. AVI-SPL, an established partner, was asked to work with LG teams to integrate LG digital displays throughout the employee-facing sections of the facility.

Workplace digital display integration throughout employee-facing environments

AVI-SPL and LG installed several hundred commercial displays in workspaces, conference rooms, and community spaces across the immersive and low-impact headquarters.

Boardrooms and meeting spaces saw some of the most prominent digital display installations. These installations include a 173-inch DVLED display in a CEO boardroom and several multi-purpose spaces, 98-inch 4K models for large conference rooms, and 86 and 55-inch displays in medium-sized and huddle spaces.

Each display offers easy meeting facilitation and content presentation. LG team members can share content and display virtual team members on any meeting space display using collaboration technology platforms and personal devices.

AVI-SPL also collaborated with LG to install large-screen displays in the LG Academy HVAC training center and Skyline Showroom demonstration kitchen.

In offices and workstations throughout the regional headquarters, AVI-SPL installed ultrawide LG desktop monitors. The ultrawide aspect ratio provides greater space for end users to place, open, and switch between on-screen application windows. The ability to easily access applications streamlines how individuals work and positively impacts productivity. Also, the wide aspect ratio eliminates the need for dual monitors, freeing up workstation space.

In addition to an easy-to-access and use work environment, LG wanted to immerse its workforce in its technology. AVI-SPL installed transparent OLED displays, Ultrawide Stretch displays, and 32 curved open-frame LG OLED displays to create a wave-shaped video screen in LG’s Innovation Lab, and 75-inch digital displays in open-plan “work cafés” on multiple floors. Furthermore, AVI-SPL added L-shaped video walls in LG’s cafeteria and over forty-five 49-inch digital display menu boards. Each menu board highlights food offerings and business updates.

“When LG contacted us for electronic systems design and installation assistance at its North American headquarters, we recognized it as an opportunity to help create a new kind of corporate space that marries modern aesthetics and needs with LG’s leading technologies,” said Robert Martzloff, Regional General Manager, AVI-SPL. “We’ve long considered LG Business Solutions a preferred partner, and this project consistently proved the dedication and expertise of their staff to manage logistics and imagine new office experiences for us to deliver.”


A longstanding relationship between AVI-SPL and LG led to seamless and successful digital display installations throughout the leading electronics provider’s facility.

“Through world-class architectural design led by HOK and eye-popping technological installations completed by AVI-SPL and LG staff, this unique office celebrates LG’s achievements and advances from large-format commercial displays and desktop monitors to energy-efficient appliances and climate control systems,” said Steven Yu, Director of Building Operations for the LG North American headquarters.

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