Collaboration technology design, planning, and engineering

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Engage with AVI-SPL as your system design, planning and engineering partner. Leverage AVI-SPL’s years of experience, engineering expertise, and application solutions architects to design and plan your collaboration technology solutions and infrastructure. We follow a process of discovery, assessment, and roadmap development to support lifecycle management of your technology investment.

Four Ss design strategy


AVI-SPL teams follow our “Four Ss” strategy when designing flexible solutions, ensuring they are simple, scalable, supportable, and secure.

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Remove complex barriers to using and benefiting from capabilities.

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Choose solutions that are easily repeatable from office to office.

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Spaces that are easy to use should also be easy to support.

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Safeguard devices, the network, application interfaces, and sensitive information.

Create meaningful experiences with collaboration technology


Choose AVI-SPL as your partner with the AV, UC, and enterprise video technology that enables you to create meaningful experiences. We design systems that power:


Accelerate your company’s digital transformation


Our goal is to help organizations like yours accelerate their digital transformation to realize key benefits, like productivity and engagement, sooner. We also plan hybrid approaches to tech deployments while you migrate collaboration technology platforms and applications to the cloud. AVI-SPL can help you:

  • Plan, design, and engineer collaboration, AV, and UC systems and environments that empower meaningful communication and collaboration
  • Provide design and engineering continuity to create and maintain technology standards
  • Improve workflows and the user experience to enhance employee satisfaction.
  • Simplify technology monitoring and management.
  • Address local differences to provide a seamless regional, or global team collaboration experience.
  • Meet your organization’s needs and unlock new business value.
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Truepoint customer case study

Watch how AVI-SPL worked with Truepoint Wealth Council to help connect team members and customers from any location.

What you need now, what you need next


Recent events have reminded us that we must plan to ensure business continuity during and after a crisis — and be ready for what’s next. Our design and engineering teams are ready to help you address recent changes in the workplace and let teams thrive in the today’s office and remote environments. Your end-user research helps us create user personas and desired experiences to design user interfaces and provide a positive employee experience.

This process, along with pivoting to provide solutions that address the changing workplace, help us develop systems for your teams that are resilient and elastic. This allows staff to continue communicating with their team members and customers even if their physical location changes. At the office, solutions include updating conference and huddle rooms to include no-touch video meeting technology when possible.

Leverage existing infrastructure and preferred platforms


The AVI-SPL team understands that technology is a significant investment. When it’s time to upgrade, we work with you to leverage your existing technologies, add features and functionality, and anticipate future needs and growth.

If employees have preferred collaboration platforms that encourage productivity, we can work to integrate those solutions into your new system design as well.

AVI-SPL’s design and planning services help you deliver collaboration technology that keeps your teams connected and provides exceptional experiences. 

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AV system design support for consultants


AVI-SPL’s design teams deliver standout experiences — from start to finish for consultants, general contractors, and architects. We take time to understand every detail of your vision and make it our mission to realize it.

Some consultants may perceive that AVI-SPL has skills that overlap theirs, however, we can add value for your client. Work with us and you will leverage AVI-SPL’s vast infrastructure of facilities, manufacturer support, knowledge base of employees, and priority positioning of services. We’re your partner in excellence, every step of the way. AVI-SPL can provide AV systems and infrastructure design to ensure your clients’ satisfaction.

AVI-SPL’s work with Atmosphere Commercial Solutions

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