Asset Inventory Services

Gain control over your AV and unified collaboration investments

AVI-SPL’s Asset Inventory Services (AIS) is a subscription-based service that provides lifecycle tracking of your AV and unified collaboration physical assets, furniture, consumables, and contractual assets.

This service is designed to help IT, improve efficiencies, reduce risk, and assure the desired user experience.

Asset inventory support personnel monitoring available systems
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Improves standards development, technology upgrades, and budget planning

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Increases IT productivity by eliminating errors, improving site dispatch repair rates, and reducing research efforts

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Reduces incident resolution times, enables optimization opportunities, and validates technologies deployed

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Enables risk identification and speeds risk remediation associated with firmware/software management and end-of-life devices

Asset Inventory Services features


AIS delivers the support and tools you need to identify, document, and maintain accurate and reportable inventory information for your organization’s AV and collaboration technology, from planning to disposal.

Asset types

  • Room Devices – AV, collaboration, telephony
  • Infrastructure
  • License subscriptions
  • Service contracts and warranties
  • Lease agreements
  • Furniture

Asset locations

  • Meeting rooms and spaces
  • Datacenters
  • Home offices
  • Spares depots
  • Storage facilities
  • Infrastructure

Asset status

  • Not ready
  • Deployed
  • Spare
  • Broken
  • Decommissioned
  • Missing

Asset inventory portal puts you in control

Our easy-to-use customer portal gives an unlimited number of users access to inventory information and reports. The AIS portal makes it easy to initiate a service request to update inventory records, request changes resulting from new installations, upgrades, service, or subscription contract orders or renewals and decommissioning or location moves.

Advanced reporting keeps you informed 

A comprehensive range of pre-formatted reports give your team the information it needs on the status of your organization’s assets. Reports are available 24/7 through the AIS portal for online viewing as well as scheduled email auto-delivery. Reports include:

  •  Assets by account, site, building, room, room type, asset type, installation date, service status
  • Asset change summary
  • Service contracts and subscriptions expiring
  • Stock on hand
  • Change request activity and status
  • Open change requests
  • Completed change requests

Automatic updates

Asset Inventory Services provides automatic updates to subscribed inventory records for AVI-SPL-engaged activities, including new installations, room upgrades, license orders, service maintenance contract orders, contract or subscription renewals, parts replacements, and RMA activities.

Cloud hosting options

  • Public cloud – a multi-tenant cloud environment with access controls by account
  • Private cloud – an exclusive cloud environment that is fully dedicated to the subscribed customer hosted by Amazon

Bring the value of our Asset Inventory Services into your organization.