5 keys to digital workplace success

Building a productive digital workplace is no small task. Return-to-work initiatives have tasked IT with creating secure and seamless work experiences for remote and in-office team members. How do you ensure everyone has an equitable experience no matter where they work? 

Digital workplace transformation technology needs

Whether you are just starting your journey or are already on your path to digital workplace transformation, you must address the fundamental needs for your hybrid workforce. Common transformation technology requirements include:


Security has always been at the forefront of technology integration. With the increase in remote work, businesses must account for new devices working across multiple networks. Access from new sources opens organizations and users to more significant security threats. Ensuring you have a team dedicated to platform security is a must.


Offices were beginning to embrace remote communications prior to the pandemic. It was rare to have more than one or two remote users on a conference call. The ratio has changed. Installing meeting space collaboration technology that allows users to attend meetings, access material, and share content across platforms is necessary for the digital workplace.

Quality user experience

It is not enough to access material and speak with one another. Digital workplace solutions must be easy to use and allow users to interact with speed and efficiency. When we were remote, collaboration required a secure laptop, a webcam, and a UCC platform. It was fast and easy.

When we had call quality issues, we lived with them. Now, we need to enhance the user experience, but we must do it for everyone, in-office, and remote. Pairing collaboration platforms with the right audio visual equipment can increase productivity for on-site and remote workers.  You’ll ensure everyone can clearly see, hear, and discuss what is presented.

Consider a collaboration solution that can serve as a central hub or single-source technology platform to streamline communications and collaboration.

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A single digital technology platform can serve as a sustainable digital workplace collaboration solution if bundled with audio-visual hardware and technology management and support. 

Crestron’s keys to the digital workplace

While a single communication platform can solve the needs listed above, knowing what solutions will be most effective for your business is important. A good starting point is evaluating your larger digital workplace plan and comparing it to Crestron’s Keys to the Digital Workplace e-book, covering:

  1. Digital workplace considerations 
  2. Digital workplace solutions 
  3. Preferred conferencing platform and operating system 
  4. Cloud-based design, deployment, monitoring, and management 
  5. Choosing the right digital technology platform for your business 

Are you accounting for every digital transformation detail?

Learn more about building a strong foundation for your digital workplace transformation in Crestron’s Keys to the Digital Workplace eBook below.

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