Emergency operations centers

Audio visual design and integration

AVI-SPL has the knowledge, experience, and proven ability to build the emergency operations center (EOC) and command centers your staff rely on. We provide solutions for any market, including enterprise, federal, higher education, public safety, transportation and utilities.

Our audio visual design and integration solutions deliver critical information that supports situational awareness. Empower your team to manage incidents, respond to emergencies, and monitor live data streams.

Command center technology benefits

With EOC technology such as video walls, transportation agencies can manage the complexities of vehicle traffic and situation rooms to see and know events as they unfold. Our solutions also empower hotels, theme parks, and sports arenas to monitor their global security.

Command and control center AV technology helps you take charge of your data from digital workplace hubs. IT operations can then optimize support processes.

Regardless of your type of space or industry, your team needs to cycle through many sources, switch feeds instantly, and analyze relevant dynamic information.

Dedicated experts help you define the use of your room, identify the information your operators need to see, and establish an ergonomically designed space. 

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Video walls for all types of control and operations centers

AVI-SPL design engineers will ensure that your video walls are visible and legible from every operator seat and line of sight. Our design strategy empowers situational awareness, so your expert teams can address a variety of scenarios, including malfunctioning equipment and disaster preparedness and response.

Virtual command center and remote workforce services

AVI-SPL’s experienced subject matter experts and engineers, along with our wide range of partners, are fully capable of developing the virtual solutions your team needs. We help you enable a remote workforce to support temporary or permanent virtual command centers.


Types of control rooms and virtual command centers

We design, build, and support video wall systems for all types of control rooms and virtual command centers, including:

  • Security operations centers – central locations within facilities where analysts visually monitor an organization’s assets and keep the physical site and its information systems secure.
  • Network operations centers – here, IT staff oversee the operations and security of computer networks and communications systems.
  • Social media command center – a dedicated space where your social media team can monitor conversations about your organization and engage with customers to help manage brand identity and reputation.
  • Fusion centers
  • Cybersecurity command centers
  • Port and homeland security – these federal government functions support the integrity of the global supply chain and imported cargo, and the movement of foreign visitors and returning Americans into the United States.
  • Dispatch centers – from these hubs, staff assign responders to emergencies and service calls, monitor the delivery of materials, and help coordinate transportation logistics.
  • Real-time crime centers – help law enforcement agencies monitor and respond to crimes in real time through data and visual technologies.
  • Maritime operations – may refer to actions devoted to gaining or exploiting command of the sea, or to activities involving shipping and the movement of vessels.
  • Traffic management centers – monitor and manage the flow of traffic across defined geographic areas.
  • Distribution center operations – coordinate the receipt and delivery of products to ensure supply chain networks run as intended.
  • Power/energy/gas/wastewater operations – utilities rely on real-time monitoring and management of the distribution grid of their assets.

Engineering and experience drive control room design

Your mission-critical facility needs the best in technology and engineering to provide the high levels of support expected. That’s why we take a detailed and holistic approach that encompasses the entirety of your project: planning, engineering, fabrication and testing, installation.

Our approach also ensures that your operations facility includes the video and audio conferencing solutions you need. Solutions bring in-room and remote teams together so they can coordinate their responses.

AVI-SPL’s ICIA-certified design engineers, EMI-FEMA NIMS-certified technicians work to understand the kind of centralized information sharing and networking your operation requires. Then they determine the solutions, capabilities, and room design that will work best in your environment. Many also maintain government security clearances.

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Invenergy control room

Best practices

Our team shares best practices that optimize your operators’ experience when using control room technology. We include display solutions from manufacturers like NEC, LG, and Samsung, control processors from Crestron, and advanced video wall systems from Barco.

Our PMI-certified project managers then guide the implementation of your smart control systems to ensure that your project stays on schedule and minimizes the disruptions to your normal operations. You’ll have systems that are interoperable with your current investments and compatible with the devices of tomorrow.

Ongoing support

Keep your mission critical control rooms up and running. AVI-SPL’s dedicated support maintenance services will ensure that your control room is always ready to fulfill its function.

  • Support & Maintenance – When issues arise, AVI-SPL’s warranty services, break/fix response, and four Global Service Operations Centers will provide for the continuity of your operations.
  • Managed Services – Take the stress off your IT team by relying on our certified staff to ensure your operations center and its solutions are ready and operational 24/7.
  • AVI-SPL Symphony – Our patented management application empowers you to monitor and manage the control-room systems your facility relies on – even from remote locations.
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Control center resources

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