Government communication and video technology solutions

Naval Warfare Command operations center

AVI-SPL has a long history of working with local, state, and federal government departments and agencies. Our experienced teams understand your need for secure solutions and procurement proposals and procedures.

Our government collaboration solutions include:

US Capitol and American flag

U.S. Federal Government projects

The AVI-SPL Federal team maintains certifications with all major manufacturers and supply Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant products. Our experienced staff advises and assists with typical challenges such as ISDN-to-IP migration, SD-to-HD upgrades, and assured services SIP implementation.

With active DoD Top Secret and NATO facilities clearances, our cleared sales and technical staff support projects in secure locations around the world.

State and local government agencies

When your state or local government agency is ready for a technology upgrade, you can partner with AVI-SPL. Our teams provide collaboration technology and audio visual solutions that suit your needs.

Capabilities include law enforcement and emergency response command and control centers, courtroom video conferencing, utility control centers, and more.

local and state government agency tablet

Local, state, and national government and education AV contracts

AVI-SPL offers various AV technology procurement contracts for education and state and local government agencies. Contracts are available on local and national levels. Shop with AVI-SPL’s education contracts to get discounts and skip the bidding process. Freight is included with many audio visual manufacturers too.

operations center video wall

AVI-SPL’s design and engineering teams also deliver effective, secure emergency operation center (EOC) and command and control solutions. Facilities also include network operations centers, fusion centers, cybersecurity centers, dispatch centers, power/energy/gas operations centers, and more.

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