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AKG’s remarkable microphones and headphones are a synthesis of leading-edge industrial design, innovative electronics, and world-class acoustics. For over 70 years, AKG has used its considerable expertise and know-how to develop products that are used in a variety of applications including classrooms, recording studios, performing arts, houses of worship, and home office. For its many customers, “it all comes back to the sound” and when good sound and long, useful product life are important, they keep coming back to AKG.

AKG and AVI-SPL work together to deliver solutions that ensure quality sound.  Whether it is a professor instructing a lecture hall full of students, business colleagues collaborating via audio-conference, or an artist creating music or other content to share with the world, AVI-SPL and AKG help to make sure everyone is heard.

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AKG Ara 360 Microphone

AKG ARA USB Condenser Microphone

The AKG ARA is a two-pattern USB microphone designed for easy, plug and play operation and flexible use with laptops, desktop PCs, tablets and other mobile devices. With both a front (cardioid) and front/back (omni) pick-up pattern option, the ARA microphone is a great choice for web-conferencing applications, video blogging, musicians, gamers, small studio recording and more.


It is common among enterprises for users to collaborate from a variety of settings with some meetings in conference rooms and others participating remotely via web-conferencing applications.  There is also a growing trend in the use of pre-recorded content to be published to the web or shared among users for training and marketing purposes.  Whatever the purpose, AKG and AVI-SPL are here to make sure everyone is heard and everything sounds great.

Here you will find some examples of the products and solutions available from AVI-SPL and AKG to ensure quality audio in a variety of applications.


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