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As the company that invented the control panel, AMX® has been leading innovation in automation and video distribution for over 30 years. Guided by its philosophy “AV for an IT World”, AMX has earned a place in the boardrooms of Fortune 100 companies, the learning centers of top universities, and the control centers of presidents, prime ministers, defense departments, and intelligence centers around the globe. As part of the HARMAN Professional Solutions portfolio of brands, AMX excels at creating innovative, scalable technology solutions for meeting spaces as well as building-wide video distribution and management solutions.

AMX and AVI-SPL work together to deliver video & control solutions that simplify the use of audio-visual technologies and enhance productivity in a variety of enterprises and other organizations.

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Enova DVX 4K60 4:4:4 All-in-One Presentation Switchers

The Enova® DVX Series is a family of all-in-one presentation switchers that are unified audio, video, and control devices that replace the need for numerous individual components and eliminate the integration and reliability challenges that accompany them.  The newest generation of Enova DVX Presentation switchers features support for picture-perfect 4K60 4:4:4 video and premium audio technologies including legendary Crown® amplification, BSS® audio processing, and dbx® feedback suppression. 

Learn Why ENOVA DVX 4K60 Makes a Difference


AVI-SPL and AMX work together to enhance productivity and simplify the use of collaboration technology for a variety of customers and applications including corporate enterprises, classrooms and lecture halls, military command centers, sports arenas, performing arts centers, and more.  In any facility or venue where video and other audio-visual technologies are part of the experience, an AV Control solution from AVI-SPL and AMX will ensure optimal results.

Below you will find just a sample of the various solutions that AVI-SPL and AMX can provide.


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