Three ways Epson projectors can boost human-centric hybrid workplace design

Human-centric hybrid workplace design puts user experience at the forefront of office layouts and technology integration.

Many organizations have redesigned their offices to accommodate in-person and remote collaboration needs. As user experience needs and desires, collaboration technology, and hybrid workplace concepts evolve, we have learned that we can use technology to simplify meeting experiences. AV and UC solutions can be used to re-orient spaces for new purposes. And technology can enhance how we work and feel in the office.

Epson is helping to expand office space design possibilities. Here are three ways Epson projectors can boost human-centric hybrid workplace design.


Easy-to-use interactive video wall projection in hybrid meetings

The easier an AV or UC device is to operate, the better. With the touch of a wall panel button, Epson meeting space projectors, like the BrightLink 1485Fi, quickly power up. And with the use of interactive digital pens, a single user or up to eight people can digitally notate, modify slides, interact with remote team members, and share content via Microsoft Teams, Webex by Cisco, Zoom, and more.

BrightLink 1485Fi’s luminosity capabilities ensure your content will be seen clearly, whether your team members are seated equidistant in a Microsoft Teams Room or a standard conference room layout.

The projector can present in wide and ultra-widescreen formats for a more natural viewing experience. The ultra-wide format lets you feature more content, including remote teams, presentations, meeting notes, and more, all at once.

The BrightLink 1485 Fi Interactive display projects onto any flat surface, including walls, canvases, or standard or digital whiteboards, providing a similar user experience despite space restrictions.

BrightLink 1485Fi Interactive Laser Display

Make a fresh impression in multi-purpose environments with Epson projectors


The human experience of hybrid work isn’t limited to streamlining hybrid meeting experiences. It can touch on how individuals feel in the larger workplace.

Set the tone for your customers and employees by adding flare and character to your lobbies, hallways, cafeterias, and multi-purpose spaces with Epson Laser Projectors for digital signage.

Project brand stories on lobby walls with creative video content designed to fit your spaces. Showcase dynamic visuals in your hallways. Or share the latest news and upcoming company events on cafeteria walls.

Renew and elevate employee and customer energy with digital signage projection throughout your office.

Creating a human-centric hybrid workplace

Design interactive and immersive spaces that spark innovation


Engagement and immersion spur value and creativity.

Office re-designs present new opportunities to modify old communal spaces. A large conference room that once accommodated fifteen to twenty people for in-person lectures, could now serve as an immersive training environment.

Project compelling designs onto objects in your lobbies and multi-purpose spaces for employee and client interaction. Or show individuals how to get from one side of your facility to the other with Epson accent lighting projectors.

Epson Pro series projectors support 360-degree projection mapping, letting you explore using content beyond standard single video wall projection. Put your team members on a virtual job site with interactive tools to train and hone their skills with immersive video. Or take your team or customers to their favorite cityscape.

Fuel creativity among your marketing and communications teams with Epson Pro series building projection. Tell brand stories. Celebrate your team, company history, successes, and awards. Promote your partners and upcoming events, and more.

Using the Epson projector professional tool and the right number of projectors, you can seamlessly blend visuals on the side of a building, in an auditorium, or for 360-degree viewing in immersive spaces.

Present, share messages, train, and entertain from all angles.

Visualize your human-centric hybrid workplace with AVI-SPL VR design services


AVI-SPL can help you take advantage of the unique opportunities that Epson projectors offer the hybrid workplace. With our virtual reality (VR) design services, together we can:

  • Visualize virtual 3D office spaces
  • Manipulate spaces in real-time for the best functionality and user experiences
  • Help your stakeholders validate design decisions faster
  • Increase speed to integration

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you design the ideal human-centric hybrid workplace for your organization.