AVI-SPL is celebrating three TrustRadius Winter 2023 Best of awards.


AVI-SPL is a proud winner of three recent awards in the video conferencing category.

  • Best Feature Set
  • Best Value for Price
  • Best Relationship

According to TrustRadius, Best Value for Price Award winners have provided accurate pricing in their product profiles to help buyers. Winners rank among the top three positions in their category. Extra vetting via textual review analysis was also performed by the TrustRadius research team. In addition, Best Relationship looks at Key Insight data for Would Buy Again, Implementation Expectations, and Sales and Marketing Promises.

“AVI-SPL has won Winter 2023 Best of Awards for Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price, and Best Relationship in the Video Conferencing category,” said Megan Headley, Vice President of Research at TrustRadius.

These awards are based directly on feedback from their customers. 88% of reviewers said they were happy with AVI-SPL’s feature set, and 88% of reviewers said it delivered good value for the price. AVI-SPL also earned a 9.2/10 rating for vendor relationship pre-sale.”

TrustRadius Award Winter Best of badge
TrustRadius Award Winter Best Relationship video conferencing
TrustRadius Award Winter Best Value for Price video conferencing
TrustRadius Award Winter Best Feature Set video conferencing

Taking action on customer reviews

At AVI-SPL, we continue to take these attribute scores very seriously. “It’s our mission to provide customers with the best video conferencing options and managed services on the market. We’re proud to be valued by our user community and that our customers took the time to provide the feedback we’ve received on TrustRadius,” said Kelly Bousman, senior vice president of marketing.

Bousman continued, “The hybrid workplace continues to evolve rapidly. Our commitment to monitoring and following up on reviews helps us hear the voice of the customer and respond to end-user and market needs quickly.”