RMIT Symphony Case Study

How to proactively manage 650 global classrooms from a single location

See how RMIT University uses the Symphony managed services platform to monitor over 3,600 devices
across 650 classrooms in 100 buildings. RMIT staff share how they use Symphony’s real-time AV
reporting system to remotely manage classes and devices.

Symphony helps RMIT deliver a remarkable teaching and learning experience for students, faculty,
and staff.

Symphony’s proactive solutions limit classroom downtime

Before Symphony, RMIT staff had to wait for faculty to report an issue, or physically check thousands of
devices to keep training rooms running smoothly. Now, classes do not have to be interrupted for system
or device repair.

Symphony’s monitoring capabilities allow RMIT to identify and address potential problems before issues
impact teachers and students.

Symphony also provides:

  • meeting room analytics to help determine ROI
  • automated meeting scheduling, launching, and monitoring
  • a single platform that gives you global control of your AV and UC ecosystem

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