Command and Control Centers

Regardless of the industry, command and control centers should give your staff valuable insight into company assets that they can act upon. Whether yours is a command center that pulls in real-time social media data, or tracks IT systems across the enterprise, or enables you to monitor and control asset exploration, our Control Room Group (CRG) combines its wealth of knowledge, manufacturer partnerships, and experience to deliver the environment and experience you require.

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Data Collection and Display Trends

  • Advanced visualization and simulation for training purposes
  • Aggregation of industry news and social media
  • Geoscientists use 3D visualization to safely explore drill sites
  • Optical tracking systems that work in concert with 3D data
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What we provide

  • A whole-room approach. Programming and interface design are tailored to your application
  • Experience you can trust. We’ve completed more than 400 installations and service locations in nearly 20 countries
  • ICIA certified designers. We have over 50 employees who are dedicated to designing smart control room systems
  • Manufacturer partnerships.  These enable us to provide advanced solutions for collaboration and image composition, including Christie MicroTiles, and the Barco Transform C
  • Ongoing support. Includes help desk and remote system monitoring for transportation, utility, energy, natural energy (wind and solar) and military operations
  • Onsite operator system training
  • PMI Certified Project Management Professionals
  • EMI-FEMA NIMS Certified Technicians

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Why work with AVI-SPL

We’ll take your project from start to finish: design, build, integrate, and support. We understand and apply the best practices for command and control centers, including those related to room use,  the right displays for your content, and ergonomics.

The integrated systems we provide are built to mission-critical specific design, while adhering to environmental standards. That dedication to rigor is why we’ve led over 400 control room installations across all markets. Our extensive expertise and experience allows us to create industry-standard systems that are scalable and unite all of the technology utilized within the modern control center. Our value to your organization includes:

  • Pre-sales engineering to understand your specific business requirements and challenges
  • Programming and interface design to match your application
  • Systems acceptance and QC testing
  • Onsite operator system training
  • Dedicated support, including help desk, training, and remote system monitoring