Enterprise Video Distribution and Production

Video is no longer a nice to have. It is essential to creating a competitive advantage and nurturing long-term customer relationships. It’s no secret customer relationships drive engagement and engagement drives results. And that’s where we come in. We help you create better business outcomes by strategically using video. Whether you already use video, want to start, or just need to see better results, AVI-SPL can help.

Studio and Broadcast

Studio and broadcast facilities are becoming more common in business and organizations outside of traditional media, as the move toward content generation continues and access to affordable video editing equipment increases. Whether you are developing your first in-house studio, looking for a enterprise video strategy, or are a veteran of the broadcasting industry, AVI-SPL can create a state-of-the-art broadcast and studio facility or develop and produce for your organization to help you compete in a new media era.

AVI-SPL company VideoLink, which specializes in live TV and branded content, has greatly enhanced our ability to provide clients with best-in-class broadcasting and production technology.

  • Remote or on-site management of broadcast studio technology
  • Migration to IP, and the ability to create SDI/IP hybrid workflows
  • 4K live production and post
  • Flexible monitoring layouts, including 4K, modular, and IP
  • Close partnership with Belden brands their hardware and software solutions for television operations
  • VideoLink’s ReadyCam, the in-house, remotely controlled studio that empowers you to respond to live TV requests, create branded content, and distribute executive communications.

Streaming Audio and Video

Think of streaming media as video or audio content sent in compressed form over an IP network and played immediately, rather than being saved to the hard drive. With streaming media, you can communicate, educate, and entertain over your IP network, and the user doesn’t have to wait to download a file to play it. Users can pause, rewind or fast-forward, just as they could with a downloaded file, unless the content is being streamed live.

Streaming media is more popular than ever, as both consumer and enterprise users increase content consumption – whether audio, video, or multimedia. The content can be delivered in real-time (live) or on-demand.

  • Platforms that enable delivery over multiple devices such as tablets, computers, smartphones, gaming systems, and Blu-ray
  • Growth in demand for streaming in corporate and higher education
  • On-demand video services that avoid investments in hardware
  • Streaming media is being used for collaboration, e-learning, and advertising
  • Personalization that creates brand awareness
  • 4K resolution that allows for large, captivating images and messages

Enhanced IP

VideoLink has transformed video transmission into an affordable and dependable service. The patent-pending EnhancedIP (EIP) network eliminates expensive fiber network connections and delivers studio quality, HD video anywhere in the world.

The EIP network is a managed IP video transmission service with a cloud-based user interface that enables clients to easily book and manage transmission feeds and monitor them with real-time statistical data any time of day. The network simplifies video transmission and provides cost effective, reliable, low-latency IP-based video transmission services for networks, corporate clients, and production and transmission partners.

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Why work with AVI-SPL

Our solutions enable you to bring video to any device, in any format, anywhere in a business environment. We will guide you to a solution that work over the long term, and support that solution through our remote or on-site managed services. Work with us, and you’ll receive the streaming media solution that will reach your goals, and that can be customized so that viewers are reminded of your brand.