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Huddly’s next-generation AI cameras enhance collaboration and productivity, in the hybrid workplace and beyond. Through AI technology, we are transforming video meetings into seamless, efficient, and inclusive experiences.

Featuring long-lasting hardware, upgradable software, and innovative user experiences, Huddly cameras are a scalable, sustainable, and premium choice for everyone.

Huddly was founded in 2013 with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Our deal registration and discount programs help partners and customers increase margins and win deals in a variety of verticals, including government, healthcare, and education.

In addition, our products are TAA-compliant, making them a great choice for government agencies.

Meeting in conference room with Huddly AI camera

Huddly L1

Huddly L1 captures everyone in sharp detail with a 6K sensor and a fixed-focus lens.

The camera intelligently frames participants and conversations. It offers valuable insights with room analytics. Setup is reliable and flexible with a single Ethernet cable.

With the addition of Huddly Director, the camera intelligently frames the conversation to enable natural communication on video. While focusing on the person speaking, it also brings attention to listener reactions and events in the room.

Huddly AI camera for colloboration

Huddly Director

Huddly L1’s latest cutting-edge feature, Huddly Director, is like a TV director for your meetings. Using its built-in AI director, it edits video meetings in real time. By focusing on the speaker while seamlessly incorporating reaction shots of others in the room, Huddly Director creates an immersive, engaging experience that resembles face-to-face communication.

The camera can gather info such as how many people are in its field of view. The InSights Analytics API then provides advanced meeting room data and analytics to deliver crucial insights into how spaces are utilized.  


AVI-SPL and Huddly work together to deliver intelligent video conferencing solutions for enhanced collaboration experiences. Providing modern work environments with cutting-edge solutions is the goal of this partnership.

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