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Newline introduces an all-new interactive ecosystem powered by an innovative set of digital tools. This intelligent and flexible workspace helps you work more efficiently, faster, and better.

With Newline at the heart of every workplace or classroom, meeting rooms, conference calls, and collaboration sessions are brought to a whole new level.

We are dedicated to providing solutions for our customers that save them time and help them be more successful. From our award-winning interactive displays to our innovative whiteboarding software, our products combine cutting-edge technology with a state-of-the-art user experience.

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Express Yourself in the Digital Workspace

Meet Flex Desktop Collaboration


Capturing your voice in a pleasant way without echo or background noise, seeing you from the right angle in a natural way, and having the opportunity to intuitively express yourself by touch and writing are needed to get there.

Newline has developed a concept that enables you to communicate intuitively in the digital workspace. A product that will revolutionize your working day. Meet Flex!

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Newline Q Series

Redefine collaboration with the Newline Q Series, an ultra-high-definition display that provides an immersive audio-visual experience for your meeting rooms and classrooms. Start sessions faster with the plug and play design of the Q Series. Plug in your laptop through the USB Type-C cable and start presenting, all while the Q Series keeps your laptop charged.

USB Type-C delivers clear audio, video, and power with one cable to declutter your setup. A built-in Wi-Fi 6 module offers greater connectivity and compatibility for securely connecting multiple devices. Keep your panel and data secure with the embedded Android 11 OS that also provides customization options like unique user profiles.

Download your favorite apps right to the Q Series panel with Newline’s curated app store – everything you could need from Microsoft Office to Google Slides, to Zoom and Teams.


Newline focuses on creating products that help you work more efficiently. From our award-winning and easy-to-use interactive touch panels to our innovative desktop solution and wide range of software, Newline has everything you need to bring in-person and remote work success into your business or classroom.


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