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Newline introduces an all-new interactive ecosystem powered by an innovative set of digital tools. This intelligent and flexible workspace helps you work more efficiently, faster, and better.

With Newline at the heart of every workplace, meeting rooms, conference calls, and collaboration sessions are brought to a whole new level.

We are dedicated to providing solutions for our customers that save them time and help them be more successful. From our award-winning interactive displays to our innovative whiteboarding software, our products combine cutting-edge technology with a state-of-the-art user experience.

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Intelligent All-In-One Display

Introducing the DV Series

The Newline DV Series is an exceptional All-in-One Direct View LED display that combines cutting-edge technology with seamless design. Available in sizes 120”, 150” and 180” to provide the ultimate large-scale viewing experience, the DV Series adopts a lightweight design with a sleek bezel-less display area with a 19.8mm cabinet mounted to a 6mm ultra-thin frame.

With its high-resolution LED panels, the DV Series delivers stunning visual performance and clarity, making it ideal for various indoor applications. This display boasts exceptional brightness levels and color reproduction, ensuring vivid and captivating visuals in any lighting condition.

The All-in-One design integrates power supplies, speakers, control systems, and signal processing to streamline installation and reduce maintenance efforts. Advanced 24-bit color processing technology, 3840 Hz high refresh rate, and image calibration ensures that the solution delivers an unparalleled visual performance.

Whether used for advertising, presentations, or entertainment purposes, this Direct View LED display provides an immersive viewing experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Meeting room equipped with a Newline STV Series display.

Newline STV Series

Introducing the STV Series, Newline’s first Pro Series TV. With a suite of preloaded apps, including popular productivity tools, the STV ensures that you have instant access to a world of entertainment and information.

The Ultra Bright 4K Display brings content to life with unparalleled clarity and vivid colors. Stunning 4K resolution ensuring a cinematic and immersive viewing experience. The Ultra-Thin Bezel provides a sleek and modern aesthetic that maximizes the screen real estate. With minimal bezel distraction, your focus remains squarely on the captivating content displayed on the brilliant screen. And in sizes 43” to 98”, the STV fits into any space and for any function.

Digital Signage Compatibility with Newline VCS turns the STV into an effective communication tool. Whether you’re displaying advertisements, announcements, or informational content, the STV is a versatile and valuable asset for all spaces.


Welcome to the Newline Display Ecosystem, a comprehensive suite of technology solutions designed to improve efficiency and increase productivity in the workplace. From award-winning and easy-to-use interactive touch panels to innovative commercial displays and wide range of software, Newline has everything you need to bring success into workplace. With cutting-edge accessories, support services, and collaboration solutions, Newline creates a cohesive and adaptable technology environment for the modern office.


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