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    Walk in, mic up and record. Live TV and video are that fast with the ReadyCam video studio. All you need is your talent and your idea.

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About ReadyCam

ReadyCam studios enable executives, thought leaders, media relations, and communications professionals to appear on live TV instantly and make HD video accessible to everyone in the organization. It’s also the simplest solution for producing quick-turn branded video content, ranging from executive communications to live webcasts to on-demand videos. And we can handle all the production details for you remotely.

96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing
over the next year.

1. 2015 B2B Video Content Marketing Survey Results.

Live TV and branded video production
all from one studio

How ReadyCam Can Benefit Your Organization



Record single-camera videos through an easily accessible process using your own resources.


Cost Savings

Remote-control feature records your video at a significant savings below using a traditional video crew and travel costs. Creative content services are available.



Quickly and easily participate in live TV interviews and video events or to record ad-hoc video announcement.



Your video stays on brand across live broadcast, corporate announcements and streaming events.

Simply Produce and Share HD Video

Key Features

  • Quick-turn, branded video content
  • HD 16:9 format video
  • Professional lighting and audio quality
  • Customizable, electronic backdrop
  • Enhanced IP™ for video delivery
  • Optional Receive Station for simple directing of your shoot
  • Compatibility with your streaming platform
Use ReadyCam Video in a Powerful, Creative Way.

The Many Uses of ReadyCam




ReadyCam is the preferred in-house TV studio of global broadcast and cable networks.

ReadyCam is ideal for recording, sharing, and distributing videos for customers.


Create live webcasts for product launches, expert interviews and executive messages.

Live and on-demand webcasts provide rich media experiences that are perfect for product launches, expert interviews and executive messages.


Connect with other experts and share commentary.

  • “Implementing ReadyCam was really easy to do. And, from a cost standpoint, it was pretty simple, because I didn’t need to hire staff.”

    Robyn Tice – Director of Media Relations, Eaton Vance.

  • “The network bookers and producers we talk to are already familiar with the ReadyCam. The picture quality is always superior and the consistency of the experience is always great. There are never any last minute surprises.”

    John Brandt – Associate Director of Media Relations, George Washington University.

  • “What our leaders have grasped on to with video is the convenience to get a message out in clear and concise manner. No longer do they wait to share updates with their teams in a live setting. Now we see their thought leadership being shared monthly and in easier to digest segments. It’s also been useful for thanking their teams for hard work and plays a big part in why our company continues to ascend the Fortune 100 list of great workplaces.”

    Robert Thompson – , Consultant, Corporate Internal Communications, Nationwide.

  • “The ReadyCam studio has just made everything so much more convenient, logistically for our executives, logistically for the networks. That's a piece that you can't overlook.”

    Rob Morrison – , Creative Director, Alcoa.


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