Collaboration 2.0: Where are we now? – a panel discussion

AVI-SPL Symphony webinar November 2021

Join Dan Ferrisi, editor in-chief with Commercial Integrator for a webcast with Sharp NEC Display Solutions’ George A. Borden  and AVI-SPL’s Rodney Laney. The expert panel discusses how collaboration technology is impacting the hybrid workplace and the direction it is going.

In this webcast, George and Rodney talk trends from BYOD connectivity, to the move away from “walled garden” solutions and toward interoperability, to the growing power of interactive displays to create effective collaboration experiences.

Focus areas:

  • The latest collaboration trends
  • The shift toward agnostic solutions
  • Sharp NEC Display Solutions products’ ease of use and effectiveness
  • How AVI-SPL and Sharp NEC Display Solutions fulfill customer needs together

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