Improve students engagement on campus with display technology

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Higher education organizations must reinvent spaces to support learning from anywhere, whether it be at home, in the classroom, from labs, in community spaces, and more. Technology is essential in flexible and hybrid learning. And display technology is especially necessary to equalize learning experiences.

Displays can make everyone feel like they’re sharing the same learning space, even when they’re in different locations.

In this eBook, we explore ways to upgrade your learning experiences, including :

  • Consider on-site and remote student expectations
  • Review instructor needs, and preferences
  • Evaluate your spaces
  • Leverage Sharp Display solutions, including projectors, monitors, large format displays, direct view LED (dvLED) displays, and Sharp Aquos Boards.
  • Improve equity, engagement, and the overall user experience

Read more about reinventing learning spaces to improve student engagement. Download the “Reinvent your Learning Spaces for Improved Student Engagement with Display Technology” eBook today.


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