No cables on the table: on-demand hybrid workplace webcast

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AVNetwork Roundtable: ​No Cables on the Table, Interop, and More Ways to Enhance the Hybrid Work Experience with Barco.

Pre-2020, BYOD and BYOM were growing trends. Today, they aren’t trends. The workforce and CEOs demand flexible modalities.

You may have standardized on Microsoft Teams Rooms, Zoom Rooms, or another collaboration and communications software. However, there is a clear need for every collaboration space to have the ability to become agnostic when needed.

Collaboration rooms of all sizes, including multi-use and ad-hoc spaces, must be easy to use.

Explore the why behind “no cables on the table” in our hybrid workplace webcast.

And we hear rooms should look good too! No one wants cables on the table.

Whether full-time in the office or flex-days, today’s enterprise workforce is global and on the move. For collaboration and communication to be successful, every space must be easy to use, flexible, scalable, and able to be managed and monitored remotely.

True interoperability is the only way to ensure the best employee experience and engagement.

Meet our hybrid workplace webcast speakers:

  • Cindy Davis, Moderator, AVNetwork, Content and Brand Director
  • John Bailey, AVI-SPL, SVP, Technology & Innovation
  • Mitch Gibson, Barco, Sales Director, US Collaboration Team, Meeting Experience & weConnect

Watch the “No cables on the table” on-demand hybrid workplace webcast brought to you by AVNetwork and sponsored by AVI-SPL.


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