RTO Magnets vs. Mandates eBook featuring Poly

Conference room with hybrid meeting experience with Poly and Zoom

If you want employees to return to the office, demanding it may create ill will. They may wonder what the point of going to the office is if they end up joining video calls from their desks.

On the flip side, if you build more appealing spaces and create better employee experiences, employees are more likely to want to return to the office.

One way to earn employee commutes and improve attitudes about the workplace is to transform the office into an employee-friendly ecosystem. Rather than consisting of a series of conference rooms, offices, and desks, the workplace embodies the mind and heart of your business.

It’s where the big ideas and company culture originate. In this kind of environment, remote workers are an extension of this community — not separate from the ecosystem.

Our “RTO Magnets vs. Mandates” eBook explores ways to create that environment.


Explore RTO challenges and insights, including how to:

  • ‘Create a magnet, not a mandate’
  • Equalize the meeting experience to improve the hybrid work experience and meeting equity
  • Leverage Poly technologies that entice employees to return to the office
  • Earn your employees’ commute

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