Symphony Tech Brief: Making Hybrid Work

hybrid meeting hacks being used in conference room with on-site and remote participants

Collaboration in the new hybrid workplace is fueled by cloud-enabled meeting spaces and connected video conferencing devices. To optimize this technology ecosystem and create tangible value, you need a robust monitoring, management, and analytics application. That’s where AVI-SPL Symphony comes in.

Let AVI-SPL Symphony Optimize Your Tech-Enabled Workspaces

Need to manage hundreds of UC devices and rooms across multiple locations? No problem. Here’s how are monitoring and management application can help you optimize your meeting rooms:

  • Proactively alert IT to issues in UC and AV systems in tech-enabled workspaces before they impact user experience
  • Reduce IT operations costs
  • Improve the employee experience
  • Automate ticket generation with scheduled room sweeps
  • and more

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