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Part of the HARMAN Professional Division, Soundcraft is dedicated to innovating professional mixing systems and has grown to become an industry leader in digital and analog consoles for Enterprise and recording applications, Higher Education institutions, Houses of Worship, Performance Venues, Tours, and Theaters.

Design and innovation have always been at the heart of Soundcraft’s philosophy.  Whether you are an international A1 sound engineer, or an up and coming learner, AVI-SPL and Soundcraft have a solution for you and the support and training you need to make it all happen.

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Elevate Your Podcasts with Soundcraft’s Notepad Series

When you produce podcasts, high-quality audio shows your listeners that you take your message seriously and they should, too. Soundcraft Notepad mixers make it easy to capture crystal-clear sound anywhere.

These powerful production stations feature studio-grade analog preamps,  built-in  Lexicon audio effects (8-FX and 12-FX), and USB connectivity for working with your favorite audio software—just connect a mic and computer and you’re good to go.

And with the built-in ducking feature,  you can ensure that your voice is always elevated and heard. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, produce professional-sounding podcasts that let the power of your voice shine through with Soundcraft Notepad.


AVI-SPL and Soundcraft work together to create flexible, easy to use solutions for a wide variety of organizations and venues.  From content creation and work from home to podcasting, AVI-SPL and Soundcraft have the optimal solution to fulfill your needs.

Below you will find just a sample of the various solutions that AVI-SPL and Soundcraft can provide.


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