Three hybrid meeting tech needs for anywhere work equity

Hybrid meeting technology advancements are expanding how we think of anywhere work. Since hybrid or anywhere work began, meeting equity has always been a leading driver. While we meet to problem-solve, gather data, receive approvals, and connect, making sure employees are seen and heard wherever they log on is just as crucial to building a productive anywhere work culture.

Nearly 55% of businesses are investing in new AV and UCC technologies to better support anywhere work. As you grow your hybrid workplace, here are three AV and UC technology must-have capabilities to empower meeting and anywhere work equity.

AV technologies that capture not just every presenter or presentation – but every person

Audio visual solutions that deliver clear sound and video help ensure everyone can understand your message clearly.

In large conference rooms, solutions that can spotlight a speaker can focus viewers’ attention. Integrating AI-powered auto-tracking cameras will follow and frame presenters, holding a remote attendee’s focus on the speaker’s message.

In a common meeting space, a single AI-powered camera can pick up multiple speakers at a table. But in larger event spaces, audience members or meeting participants can contribute with commentary and questions. You can strategically place multiple AI-powered cameras throughout your environment to capture these interpersonal engagements and broadcast them via a single video processor.

Solutions like Yealink’s AI-powered auto-tracking 4K camera come equipped with presenter and speaker tracking and auto framing features. With its 12X optical zoom, these cameras are perfect for placement throughout large event venues to capture every interaction.

For meeting presenters and attendees in-person and remote, seeing a person speak contextualizes the meaning and spirit of what they are saying. But what if you can’t hear them? No audio means no information, no communication, and lost time.

Incorporating flexible microphone systems, like tabletop, ceiling, or wireless microphones, helps ensure everyone in-person and at home can hear, be heard, and accomplish their goals for the session.

Yealink voice solutions, like its ceiling microphone array, use beamforming technology to automatically locate and enhance voice pick-up. The array covers up to 40 square meters in a 360-degree range – perfect for large meeting spaces.

Yealink UVC86 Demo

Flexible on-site meeting solutions for easy access and use

Whether you are addressing your department, company, or a client, you need a meeting platform to share your message. But not every organization or every office uses the same UCC solutions.

For organizations that have not committed to one meeting platform, look for agnostic AV solutions designed to accommodate a variety of web-based communication platforms.

Yealink offers platform-dedicated solutions for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms. But they also have platform-agnostic solutions that let your teams connect regardless of what communication platform you use, like the Meeting Bar A20/A30.

Yealink MeetingBar A20 A30 demo

Yealink MVC-BYOD-Extender

Personal device connectivity for quality on-the-go meeting interaction

At the office or a third-party location, end users must be able to connect their laptops and tablets to meeting space AV technology for quality presentation and communication.

Ensure your employees can connect, communicate, and engage effectively in any meeting space with a unified communications adapter cable. UC adapter cables, like Yealink’s MVC-BYOD extender, let users easily connect and control a room’s AV and UCC tech, regardless of the meeting space’s primary platform.

Support hybrid meeting equity with Yealink AV technologies

Yealink offers a variety of audio visual hybrid meeting technologies that empower anywhere work and meeting equity.

Together, AVI-SPL and Yealink can help you visualize and install AV and UCC solutions to match your meeting spaces and promote meeting equity.

Contact us for more details about how we can integrate or upgrade your hybrid meeting technology today.