Your Collaboration Solutions Partner

AVI-SPL is the most trusted end-to-end provider of AV and video collaboration solutions for organizations of all types, all around the world. The reason for that trust comes from the quality we put into everything we do. We are the solutions provider best able to integrate multi-vendor collaboration solutions and support them with agile, cloud-based services. We also protect your integration with support services that include monitoring and managing your equipment and video conferences.

What sets us apart:

  • We design, build, support, and manage collaboration solutions that improve your operations
  • Our team works to understand what your organization wants to accomplish.
  • Diligence – we validate and deliver on the outcome you want.
  • We apply high standards to projects across locations and environments.
  • We’re the only company that can self-certify to InfoComm standards.
  • Global presence. Because of our size, and network of relationships, we can help you anywhere around the world.
AVI-SPL Video Collaboration, Video Conferencing, Telepresence Solutions
Boeing Collaboration Center
AVI-SPL Video Collaboration, Video Conferencing, and Telepresence Solutions
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Our Solutions

AVI-SPL delivers AV and video collaboration solutions for all types of organizations. For companies, educational institutions, and government agencies, we design, build, integrate, and support solutions like video collaboration and UCC, digital media, advanced visualisation, control room technology, AV integration, and systems management. The strength of our partnerships with manufacturers and consultants translates into buying power and collaborations that brings your vision to light.

We care about project outcomes that improve your operations, and satisfy your staff and stakeholders. That’s why we apply our AV and video collaboration expertise to craft, implement, and support a solution that meets your goals.

Customer Experience

To see your project through, it takes a lot of detailed planning and strategic guidance. We are committed to giving our clients the high quality they expect and deserve in every aspect of working with us. To deliver that quality, we follow a detailed set of processes that guide every AVI-SPL team member involved in a project. These processes are the result of years of experience and are continuously being evaluated and refined.

Here you’ll see a broad overview of the steps AVI-SPL takes to ensure we give our full attention to each detail so that each client receives the value and solution they expect. Following these steps helps us manage each project to our high standards and to your satisfaction.

AVI-SPL Customer Experience Model