Carbon emission reduction is a leading topic for businesses all over the globe, and Sony BRAVIA professional displays are designed with sustainability in mind.

As environmental, social, and governance (ESG) groups explore how to reach carbon neutrality, they are calling on IT for support. As a result, IT leaders are investigating green or eco-responsible audio visual (AV) and unified communications (UC) solutions to optimize hybrid workplace and learning infrastructures.

Has your IT team received similar tasks? Here are three reasons Sony BRAVIA professional displays should be a core component of your sustainable collaboration infrastructure.

Going green with Sony BRAVIA professional displays

Sony is looking at every possible way to minimize its carbon footprint. Along with a commitment to 100% renewable electricity in its operations by 2030, Sony has announced an ambitious carbon neutrality goal by 2040 throughout the entire life cycle process of designing, testing, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, using, and end-of-life disposal of products. One way the leading audio visual electronics provider is making that possible is by changing shipping materials.

Sony has removed Styrofoam and is working on minimizing plastic packaging and replacing it with recyclable materials. In addition to replacing materials, Sony has made its packaging thinner and lighter while keeping it just as sturdy. Shrinking display packaging reduces emissions by minimizing the required space on trucks.

In addition, Sony is now minimizing the ink featured on its boxes as an extra step toward carbon neutrality.

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Discontinue including table stands to eliminate unused materials

In commercial installations, digital displays are commonly mounted on walls in conference rooms, lobbies, cafeterias, or multi-purpose spaces.

Sony has discontinued including its display table stands from its BRAVIA Pro displays in favor of third-party mounting solutions. In doing so, Sony has found a way to conserve resources and reduce waste.

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Eco-friendly technology for display longevity

Many digital displays have eco-friendly technology built directly into their software. These systems are designed to increase a digital display’s lifetime by reducing power consumption. Reductions can include dimming display brightness or setting a display timer for automatic shut-off.

With Sony’s ECO dashboard, you can adjust the brightness of a BRAVIA Pro display to reduce energy use. Also, you can optimize display brightness to match room lighting or automatically turn off the display after a specified period of inactivity or if no signal appears.

“We’re really looking at how our products are being used as we add in sustainability tools on our displays,” said Rich Ventura, Vice President, Professional Display Solutions, Sony Electronics.

Sony Eco Dashboard for BRAVIA Pro Displays

In addition to updating in-display energy-saving settings, Eco Dashboard can transfer power across the display for more realistic images and reduced energy consumption.

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