Organizations are prioritizing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) programs. Sustainable technology is becoming a pivotal focus among ESGs to limit carbon emissions.  

Gartner survey data indicates that by 2025, the benefits of sustainable technology and programs will not just be environmental. The benefits will positively impact product innovation, increase customer and investor satisfaction, bolster talent attraction and retainment, and elevate business brand and reputation. 

Leading technology manufacturers, like Logitech, are creating solutions with longevity, reduced carbon impact, and minimized emissions in mind.  

Logitech is designing these solutions to support specific collaboration space designs, on-site and remote attendee needs, and streamlined hybrid meeting processes. 

Sourcing sustainable technology for small hybrid workspaces 

Hybrid workspaces vary in shape and size. However, only some collaboration technology solutions are designed for a one-size-fits-all approach.  

Logitech’s Rally Bar Huddle, an all-in-one mountable video bar, represents sustainable technology explicitly designed for small spaces. 

Rally Bar Huddle is made with up to 42% certified post-consumer recycled plastic. The video bar’s packaging comes from FSC™-certified forests and controlled sources. And the system is certified carbon neutral. 

In addition to sustainable materials, the system uses AI to capture individuals in a room designed for up to six people. 

Optimize hybrid meeting video and audio experiences with AI  

It’s no longer enough to ensure remote team members are featured prominently on a display during a hybrid meeting. Your remote attendees want to see and hear individuals in a meeting space regardless of where they are sitting. And on-site teams want to be seen and heard, too.  

To optimize the hybrid meeting experience, artificial intelligence (AI) makes tracking meeting space interactions across a room possible. Video bars, powered by AI, capture wide-angle views of spaces, making it possible to frame and present each in-room participant in their own on-screen window, making the meeting experience inclusive for all participants. 

With room-aligned audio and microphone arrays, AI-supported software can focus on end-user voices and track conversations.

Logitech Rally Bar Overview: Powerful All-In-One Video Bar for Medium to Large Meeting Rooms

Logitech’s Rally Bar Huddle uses AI for video intelligence, sound pickup, and noise suppression. Rally Bar Huddle uses RightSense technology to focus and frame individuals. Each person is presented in their own window as if they are attending a meeting from their laptop. A wide-angle view of the space can also be shown on screen if desired. 

Logitech RightSense: Smart Automation for Better Video Meetings

Additionally, integrating AI-driven audio tech, like RightSound, ensures superior sound quality, noise suppression, and efficient conversation tracking, supporting an optimized meeting experience. 

Effortless connectivity to hybrid meeting platforms 

Video conferencing software and hardware solutions, like Logitech’s Rally Bar Huddle and Logitech Tap IP, are designed for compatibility and accessibility. Combined, they elevate meeting equity and optimize productivity. 

Logitech Tap, a tabletop or wall-mounted device, optimizes hybrid meeting experiences with a single-touch hybrid meeting activation. Connected to Rally Bar Huddle, the device can connect you to meetings hosted on preferred platforms, like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, with one touch of a display.

Making Meetings Easy with Logitech Tap Scheduler and Tap IP 

Modern workplaces rely on technology to enhance room designs. Logitech’s Rally Bar Huddle and Logitech Tap wirelessly connect to bring your hybrid participants together quickly, reduce clutter, and improve the space’s aesthetic appeal. For those situations where a hardwire connection is needed, you can connect Rally Bar Huddle directly to your laptop or desktop with a USB cord. 

With Logitech’s Rally Bar Huddle, AI, and meeting solutions, like Logitech Tap, you can ensure your smaller hybrid workspaces provide just as equitable a hybrid meeting experience as your large spaces. 

As you decide which Logitech solutions are suitable for your team and environment, ensure they meet your ESG, room design, and meeting experience standards with third-party support. 

Workspace design and management: Getting the most out of smaller environments with design and integration support 

AVI-SPL Virtual Reality Design Services can help you address ESG, meeting experience, and room design standards. Our collaboration technology experts will work with you to plan and develop integration processes and ensure your technology works how, where, and when you need it. 

Contact us today to begin building sustainable Logitech-powered hybrid workspaces.