In just the past few years, eSports has taken its place as a major activity in schools of higher education around the world. Organized video game competition does more than support community and camaraderie. It also supports academic achievement and the ability to develop skills that can be applied to the workforce. In AVI-SPL’s eSports guide, you’ll learn about the value of of eSports and the steps you can take to create a program that enhances student life and raises your school’s profile.

How to build your eSports program

When you read “How to Build an eSports Program on Your Higher Ed Campus,”  you’ll learn what it takes to get your program off the ground. You’ll also gain insight into issues like:

  • Budget
  • Facility requirements
  • Scholarships that recruit top players
  • How eSports supports learning across different disciplines
  • What to prioritize as you build your program

We also share the type of technology solutions that support the eSports experience. 

Get the eSports guide

Click the button below to find out how easy it can be to get started with an eSports program at your school. If you have any questions, please reach out to AVI-SPL. We’re here to offer our guidance to help you create the right eSports program for your school. We partner with the manufacturers who empower us to provide any type of solution you need.