How can we leverage meeting technology to attract and retain talent in today’s workplace? Stephanie Kohler, Senior National Account Manager at LG Electronics joins Nancy Lussier in The Collaboration Space to share her insights. Stephanie provides insight into how companies use technology to create the right workplace experience to encourage employees to come back to the office.


When you set your collaboration and technology goals, focus on what will keep employees happy in the office

Create a convenient, immersive environment for employees

Encourage employees to return to the office by creating an exciting, immersive workplace where people enjoy working. The same tactic can be used to attract new people and to keep employees working in the office. 

A lot of companies know workplace technology impacts the employee experience and they’re busy designing new spaces that welcome and support employees enough to make their commutes worthwhile. 

Technology like video walls can create an immersive experience, but don’t underestimate the power of ease and convenience. Workplace technologists are transforming rooms that once contained a conference table and large screen into huddle spaces.

LG offers products that support these tech upgrades that employees use for easier work and collaboration. A smaller display with an all-in-one video conferencing solution, for example, is more suited for one-on-one or small group collaboration. The solution may have a built-in Windows PC with 4K UHD and all users have to do to set up for a meeting is log in to their applications. And because meetings often have hybrid participants, these solutions will work with whatever collaboration platforms remote workers are using. 

Wow them with modern display technology 

Technology teams have a lot of display options now for creating the immersive environment they want, from curved LED walls to transparent film you can use over glass. 

You can also use Direct View LED (dvLED) to build an immersive environment because they fit together without seams. A lot of companies are choosing dvLED because these solutions are:

  • Affordable
  • Bright
  • Mobile
  • Great for collaboration
  • True plug-and-play
  • As big as you want them to be

These features let you keep your digital signage fresh and in any area of the office. Even curved desktop monitors can improve not only productivity but boost employee satisfaction. 

Update spaces for flexibility

Flexibility is a trend in today’s offices for good reason. Flexibility is key for making the hybrid workplace productive and welcoming. However, many older office technologies don’t deliver flexible experiences. 

LG offers all-in-one video conferencing display solutions that can move between smaller collaboration spaces, including the LG One:Quick Flex series. The PC, speakers, camera, microphones, touch digital whiteboard, and video conferencing applications are all built in, so there’s no setup required. 

Similarly, dvLED video walls are easy to set up and are increasingly in demand for their convenience and flexibility. 

Focus on employee experience

When you set your collaboration and technology goals, focus on what will keep employees happy in the office. The right workplace experience will help attract and retain the talent you want. 

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