Reopening offices after a year and a half away takes more than unlocking the doors and turning on the lights. With predictions that almost half of employees will continue working from home, companies need a solid strategy in place to keep hybrid teams communicating and collaborating successfully without a break in continuity. 

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the amount of time a company has to restore key business processes—like communication—after a disruption, in order to avoid the negative consequences of a break in continuity.  With the right technology solutions, companies can improve their RTO and keep business running smoothly no matter where their teams are working.

Make a Plan to Open Your Hybrid Office Environment

Any office reopening plan has to include permanent and secure technology solutions that support employees who continue to work from home. These solutions need to provide for true, sustainable collaboration between remote and in-person workers. Solutions that can support a continuity of operations in the hybrid workplace include: 

  • Interactive content displays with built-in cameras, microphones, speakers, and wireless content sharing capabilities 
  • Room monitoring that collect data to help control workspace temperature, lighting, air quality, and room occupancy 
  • BYOD technology that allows employees to use smartphones and other personal devices to schedule rooms and track availability so meeting spaces don’t become overcrowded 

Back-to-office technology planning should also address the health and safety concerns of employees who will be returning to the office either full or part-time. For example, adding dedicated spaces for interactive solutions as part of standard office configurations will support social distancing for in-person employees without sacrificing ongoing collaboration with their remote teammates. 

Overcome Challenges to Hybrid Collaboration with the Right Technology

Meetings—both scheduled and impromptu—are the cornerstone of information sharing, but they require the right technology to be truly effective. When users struggle to use the available meeting room solutions, or when that technology doesn’t deliver audio and video that’s clear enough to keep everyone engaged, the lines of communication break down and operations grind to a halt. 

Technology solutions to overcome these challenges include: 

  • Collaboration-ready meeting spaces that allow for wireless content sharing as well as single wire connectivity for laptops and other devices 
  • Walk-in, plug-and-play conference rooms where users can easily connect their own devices and start collaborating right away 
  • One-touch conferencing technology that allows meeting participants to launch meetings with a single click, including starting conferencing software and projecting to the proper display 

Listen to our recent podcast with Sharp Imaging’s Saundra Merollo. Saundra is a senior sales engineer, and during this talk she shares her considerable insight into choosing the right collaboration solutions for your employees as offices reopen.

Get Started Supporting Continuity in Your Collaboration Spaces

Sharp collaboration technology, including interactive displays and touchless meeting room solutions, will help ensure nothing is dragging down your productive communication and collaboration. Learn more—and start developing a technology plan to support the continuity of your business operations—by getting in touch with AVI-SPL today.