Are you searching for ways to help your anywhere workforce work smarter and live better? Establishing a culture around learning can have a long-term impact on employee wellness, innovation, business development, and profitability.

Supporting employees with up-to-date and appropriate learning and development (L&D) opportunities can improve the work environment and help move you closer to your goals. Here are three steps to building a successful learning and development program.

1. Frame learning and development through the lens of business growth

Successful learning and development programs don’t just benefit the employee. They benefit the organization. Giving employees the tools to be exposed to new systems, processes, ideologies, and more in bite sized formats, can increase employee knowledge quickly.

Create comprehensive learning programs designed for employees to hone their skills and position your workforce for career expansion.

But it is important to frame these programs in ways that allow employees to grow in their field and positively impact your bottom line. Individual structured learning and development programs can increase employee performance and productivity and create a more cohesive and dedicated culture, while helping your organization grow. 

Additionally, a strong training program that invests in employee growth can help you compete as you try to attract new hires.

2. Develop memorable learning programs with interactive and engaging content

Static presentations no longer cut it. As with hybrid meetings and events, when it comes to learning, students (in this case the employee) want connection, interaction, and engagement. And they want the information quickly.

Learning programs that consist of dynamic, enthusiastic, and interactive presentations can boost engagement, focus, and interest among your team members. When employees feel like they have a hand in how they develop, they are more likely to absorb, remember, and use that information in their day-to-day workplace interactions.  This interaction positively impacts both employee and company performance.

Training session with SMART interactive display

3. Power corporate training with collaboration tools and interactive AV solutions

Support greater cohesion and symmetry among your anywhere workforce with interactive live and on-demand training.

Previously, Q&A was the go-to format for meeting and training interaction. The continued growth and evolution of workplace meeting platforms, like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex by Cisco give you the tools to involve session attendees throughout your presentation.

Polling and chat functions provide instant interaction and reaction. But attendees also love to be challenged. And incorporating a gaming function into your trainings that offers an incentive, either for that session or over the long term, can drive people to push their workplace education further – helping them and the company thrive.

For those attending a live training remotely, a dynamic meeting platform can help make your training experience memorable. But what about on-site?

Here are some helpful tips for your instructors to get your in-person trainees involved:

Promote collaboration with interactive digital displays

Interactive displays and whiteboards, like the SMART Board MX Pro, are great for seamless content sharing, manipulation, and recording. On-site presenters can interact with content and get support from trainees, including those at home.

Create better cohesion by providing all participants with the same learning experience

Meeting platforms supported by powerful software solutions, like SMART Meeting Pro, provide users a cloud-based digital workspace supporting:

  • Live content presentation and interaction across multiple displays
  • Immediate access to files, links, and recorded training sessions

Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex by Cisco, your remote attendees can see and interact in the SMART Meeting Pro workspace as well.

Give your team the right interactive and intuitive, unified communication and collaboration tools to support individual growth and business-wide development.

SMART Tech Interactive Whiteboard huddle session

Upgrade employee learning experiences with AVI-SPL and SMART Technologies

SMART Technologies offers interactive display and software technology solutions that can be tailored to support your vision for your learning and development programs.

At AVI-SPL, we can help you design and integrate SMART Technologies’ solutions to effortlessly support your training initiatives.

We work with you to support your vision for your anywhere work learning and development training programs. And we deliver the technologies to support a learning system that empowers every employee with the same learning experience, whether they are sitting five feet or 500 miles from the presenter.

Elevate your employee experience with compelling learning and development programs powered by dynamic collaboration technologies.

Contact AVI-SPL to learn how to get started.