Today’s hybrid teams have to complete a multitude of individual and collaborative tasks using displays. Remi Del Mar, Product Manager of Commercial Displays and Augmented Reality at Epson, joins this episode of The Collaboration Space to discuss using projection technology to transform hybrid meeting spaces. Remi shares ways to meet the expectations of a mobile workforce and create a seamless meeting experience. 


Displays are essential in hybrid meetings.

Turn your display into an ultra-wide digital canvas to empower collaboration.

Why transform hybrid meeting spaces with large-format displays?


As users became accustomed to hybrid meetings, they also became proficient in video conferencing and other collaboration tools. Now, they’re ready to find ways to complete their work more efficiently and easily using displays that will accommodate not only video meetings, but often simultaneous spreadsheets, slide presentations, instant messaging, note-taking, and more. They also need to be able to see the faces and expressions of other meeting attendees. 

Large-format displays are now essential to hybrid meeting spaces and home offices. Larger displays powered by projection can not only improve work but lessen virtual meeting fatigue. The right technology can create the feeling that hybrid meeting participants are in each other’s physical spaces. That way, everyone to focus on the meeting rather than whether they can hear or see everything. 


Must-haves for hybrid collaboration display technology


When choosing technology to transform hybrid meeting spaces, the goal is to create an optimal meeting experience that energizes team collaboration, ensures the clarity of shared data and information, and allows everyone to easily achieve their work goals. Implementing the right kinds of displays is central to meeting these goals in today’s hybrid environments. 

Displays should create a seamless video conferencing experience that feels like an in-person meeting. Depending on the size of the room, corporate meeting spaces typically hold three to 20 people. Sometimes a flat panel will suffice, but in larger hybrid meeting spaces, look for ultra-wide displays that serve as digital canvases. Displays should be big enough so that participants can be seen but not so big that they interfere with sightlines in the room. 

Also, make sure displays are big enough that participants can read shared content, see who’s speaking, and make eye-level contact. Conversations should feel as natural as speaking face-to-face. In this situation, an Epson projection solution is the ideal fit.


How Epson and AVI-SPL deliver solutions for Microsoft Teams Rooms


Part of the new hybrid workplace is allowing meeting flexibility, meaning anyone can start a meeting, invite attendees from anywhere, and hold meetings with little or no preparation time. And, since Microsoft Teams has millions of users, it’s likely you’ll need to accommodate that platform, including the Front Row view that puts all participants at the same eye level.

AVI-SPL and Epson work together to provide projection solutions for hybrid meetings that are easy to install, update, and sync. Spaces will be ready for collaboration sessions, so meetings will run smoothly. And, solutions include projection technology designed to support Front Row view in Microsoft Teams Rooms

If you need to update your meeting rooms with displays that make hybrid meetings more productive and human, our experts can help. Contact AVI-SPL today.