Post-COVID workplace collaboration will likely take different forms. For some organizations — perhaps yours — the process of planning and empowering your employees is already underway. This recent AVI-SPL webinar with Logitech will provide answers about creating and supporting a strong hybrid workplace.

Creating the Hybrid Workplace

Simon Dudley, senior director of sales enablement for Logitech, guides you through these issues. And hopefully you’ll discover your next normal in hybrid workplace collaboration.

During this webinar presented by AVI-SPL and Logitech, Simon offers his insight into best practices for planning for the next stage of your work operations. He also looks at Logitech solutions that will support whatever strategy of work engagement you choose next — be work-from-home, on-site, or a combination of the two.

Boost Employee Engagement Through a Consistent User Experience

During this webinar, Dudley talks about connecting on-site and remote employees. He also looks at the collaboration tools that provide a consistent user experience, which promotes engagement between coworkers. You’ll discover more about planning your next normal strategy, get top tips on how to support return-to-work scenarios, and find out about emerging tech trends and solutions, including:
  • Sync Platform for simple device management and room occupancy insights
  • Room systems for Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Meetings, and Zoom
  • Flexible BYOD options
  • Cable management tools

Dudley also demonstrates the difference in audio and video quality using different cameras and microphones.

Review the recording of this webinar as you plan for the next normal stage of your work experience.

Get the recording for this AVI-SPL Webinar With Logitech

These “next normal” strategies will vary from business to business. Some companies will plan for the majority of employees returning to the office; others will keep staff working remotely. And most will probably choose a mixed approach of the two. Whichever way your business takes, you need to prioritize employee well-being, share best practices for work, and ensure the organization has the technology tools it needs to stay connected.

Click the button below for this look at the different ways you can keep your employees engaged while supporting their well-being. In this webinar with Logitech, you’ll get a sense of what’s possible from someone who knows workplace collaboration.