Last week, we shared exciting announcements from the Zoomtopia opening keynote. Now, Derrick Kelly, AVI-SPL’s Director of Solutions Enablement, Technology and Innovation, takes a closer look at some of these upgrades and product launches.

Kelly explores more details about Zoom’s new features and platforms coming soon to a virtual meeting or event near you.

Derrick Kelly Shares Zoomtopia insights

Today’s post includes insights from

Derrick Kelly

Director of Solutions Enablement

Tehnology and Innovation


Zapps Benefits

Zapps have the potential to be the biggest disrupter of Zoom’s latest features. What do integrated apps in Zoom, or Zapps, mean for the user? Apps are opened natively inside the Zoom platform, which simplifies collaboration in the workplace and virtual learning spaces.

  • Your teams can drive the workflow and enhance meeting experiences with additional tools they already use.

Imagine a teacher needs a student to open a learning management system app during a Zoom meeting. Remote learners will be able to do that right inside of Zoom, instead of opening up another app on the screen. It’s easier for the educator to give direction and faster for students to switch to the app.

Over 30 partners will be included when Zapps launch. Look for integration with Slack, Coursera, Dropbox, and more.  Post-launch plans include deeper integration with Microsoft Teams with the potential for direct channel integration.

OnZoom Virtual Events Highlighted During Zoomtopia

Zoom’s virtual event platform called OnZoom is currently in Beta release. This new platform allows business owners to host live virtual events and collect payments for tickets. Events are published on the OnZoom home page. Visitors can easily search by category to find virtual events that interest them. Event hosts also have the option to keep events private.


onzoom virtual event platform home page


How can AVI-SPL help with OnZoom? Our team can help ensure your presenters have the audio visual tools they need to deliver a professional-grade virtual event and help manage event production.

Industry Standard End-to-End Cybersecurity

In addition to security updates that Zoom already implemented, there are more robust end-to-end cybersecurity enhancements on the way. Zoom will roll out these changes in two phases.

  • In phase 1, Zoom customers will generate encryption keys using public key cryptography. Zoom servers never see these private keys and cannot decrypt meeting data in transit.
  • Coming in phase 2, identity providers will use SSOs to authenticate users. Other users will receive warnings if meeting contacts are using devices that were not previously authenticated.

“When Zoom reacts quickly to market feedback and makes feature updates for a specific vertical, such as enhanced security for education, it benefits all verticals and users.” – Derrick Kelly, AVI-SPL Director of Solutions Enablement

Another added security feature that will help education and corporate teams is the anticipated launch of video waiting rooms. Hosts will see live video of people trying to enter before allowing attendees into the meeting.

Better meeting experience and engagement

We’ve been working from home for over six months, which could lead to Zoom fatigue. Zoom’s multi-camera smart gallery can create a fresh meeting room experience. The smart gallery takes all camera views and uses AI to frame individual people with close headshots. The result is an engaging Brady Bunch-style windowing and tiling display.

AI is also behind another meeting upgrade: enhanced recording highlights. Zoom meetings will engage AI to create a file of the meeting with categories and tags via the meeting transcript. This file makes it easier for meeting hosts and attendees to complete a keyword search.

  • Zoom users will save time compared to watching the entire video to find those parts of the meeting team members need to review.

Zoom is also helping to foster better engagement for attendees joining Zoom meetings via audio only. Meeting participants can use SMS texting via a Zoom Phone. Other participants will see SMS texts in the chat window.

Health and Safety Support

With health and safety on everyone’s mind, Zoom featured some new services to help make reopening your offices easier. Zoom’s virtual reception kiosk mode has direct integration with Zoom software and certified hardware.

  • Functionality includes multiple thermal and temperature measurement systems.
  • You can monitor an individual’s skin temperature before they enter an office or meeting room.

In Zoom Rooms, digital twin, environmental sensors, and people density reporting will be available through the Zoom dashboard. Zoom hardware and software can connect to interactive displays, such as Avocor and Windows Collaboration Displays (WCDs).

Digital twin, occupancy, and air quality sensors report information through the native dashboard or through an API. Sensors in some of the Zoom Room hardware or additional sensors can directly feed the Zoom Dashboard and then create alerts.

Zoom at Home

As the hybrid workplace is likely here to stay, Zoom hasn’t forgotten about your work-from-home team members. Upgraded hardware and kits make it possible for remote teams to enjoy a professional meeting experience with clear audio and video.

  • Team members can use the existing platform and license to get up and running quickly without burdening your IT support staff.

Special Zoomtopia Guests

After the vertical sessions, the Zoomtopia closing keynote featured Zoom President and CEO Eric S. Yuan and entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Cuban shared his thoughts on how Zoom allows him and his employees to Zoom, how, when, and where they want, either in the office or from home.

Eric Yuan and Mark Cuban chat during Zoomtopia


During another celebrity appearance, a small group of educators was treated to a  performance by Alicia Keyes. Keyes performed a song she wrote called “Good Job,” which she dedicated to teachers.

You can read Zoom’s event wrap up, which includes tips and inspiring stories. Here’s the 90-second video recap of the event:

Our thanks to Derrick Kelly for sharing his insights and perspective. Want more Zoomtopia? Read Anthony Salveggi’s blog “CIOs Talk Future of Work at Zoomtopia.”

Recorded sessions are also now available on demand.



As with any forward-thinking event, features and release dates may change.

Images credit: Zoom Video Communications, Inc.