The response of businesses to COVID-19 led to a work-from-home situation for millions. The hybrid work environment that has emerged will accommodate those working from home (or other remote locations) and those working at the traditional office. As people reintegrate into their offices, one aspect to focus on is workplace well-being.

As you plan to bring your staff back into the workplace, you’ll want to account for their health and safety. Providing workplace well-being will support the health of staff and help ensure you have talented people who can focus on their work.

Keys to Supporting Workplace Well-Being

Many of us have learned that when we work from home, the lines between job and personal time become blurred. As Cindy Taibi, CIO of the New York Times, stated during Zoomtopia, she is attentive to keeping her staff focused on their health as they work from home.

There are ways to keep your staff safe as they re-enter the office. Three of them include:

  • Entry-point safety – including temperature scanning and digital signage
  • Occupancy monitoring – sensors and digital signage help enforce social distancing
  • Touchless meeting control – increase peace of mind by reducing the use of shared room devices

Create Your Elastic Digital Workplace

At our Elastic Digital Roadmap homepage, you’ll find more information about the capabilities that support workplace well-being. You’ll also be able to access the webinar “NEC Digital Messaging Solutions for Your Post-COVID-19 Business Environment.”

The roadmap homepage is where you’ll find two more essentials that support the hybrid workplace: employee engagement and long-term business continuity. We believe that each of these three elements helps reinforce the others. When you take precautions that consider the health of your people, they can focus on their work. And you can support that work by improving your technology infrastructure, making use of managed services, and outsourcing meeting management and support.

The bottom of the Elastic Digital Roadmap homepage also includes a form where you can share your challenges. Let us know how we can help create your hybrid workplace.

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