On-site Managed Services

You need the AV technology and video collaboration systems in your organization to work efficiently and effectively. To handle the management of those systems, to make sure events and meetings come off as planned, companies like yours and their IT departments are relying on on-site personnel who have the certification and expertise to keep your operations running efficiently and effectively.Sometimes, the technical requirements of mission-critical initiatives fall outside the purview of your team. We fill that gap by staffing those essential roles for you.

Workplace Trends

  • Companies want to attract the right talent as they focus more on quality
  • A resurgent economy is creating the need to fill strategic roles
  • As baby boomers retire, their technical positions will have to be filled
  • Organizations with global locations would prefer to work with a single vendor for talent acquisition in order to streamline processes
  • By 2017, 45% of the workforce will be made up of contingent or contract workers

What we provide

Trained and qualified experts work alongside your IT teams as an extension of our managed service operation. With our dedicated on-site services, you can have an AVI-SPL expert or a team of experts working at your facility on a daily basis. Positions we can fill include:

  • AV Event Coordinator
  • AV Programmer
  • AV Manager
  • AV Support Technician
  • AV Break-Fix Technician
  • Customer Service Reservationist
  • Program Manager
  • Video Support Engineer
  • Video Technician

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Why work with AVI-SPL

The people we staff at your facilities have all of the qualifications you would expect of us if we were summoned to a service call. With unmatched expertise, our On-site Technical Staffing team supports Fortune 50 clients across a broad range of industries, including: