AV Systems Control and Networking

We program your AV control systems so that you can find available rooms, identify their AV resources, and quickly activate them to start your meetings.

We also strive to streamline the management of your room systems. When AV communications and other building systems are networked to a central control room, failures and glitches can be instantly identified, addressed, and remedied. You can better understand how your meeting rooms are being used, what resources are being connected, and identify the system’s most active users.

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AV management systems can also reduce the maintenance costs associated with the equipment they control. Digital equipment glitches can be handled by remote troubleshooting or with a reboot of the device from a remote location.

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Workplace trends

  • AV over IP is the new standard for delivering digital signals over your network.
  • Organizations are empowering their employees with AV control systems that suit their level of comfort with the technology
  • Video communications systems that are network controlled provide greater uptime than those that are not
  • Cloud-based services to assist in the management and monitoring of an organization’s AV systems

What we provide

Our network design and programming accommodates all of your users, including those that prefer a high level of personalized control and those who need more automated systems. We standardize your room systems and space designs so that you can rely on a single management platform to oversee your assets, and additional spaces can scale easily.

  • AV over IP. We’ll work with you to determine what you’re trying to achieve through distributing your audio and video-based content. Then we design, integrate and support a solution that delivers on your goals. Your solution will conforms to your network structure and IT plans, while maintaining security. Our Crestron on the Network page has a concise overview of the advantages of distributing digital audio and video content over your network.
  • Custom Programming. We deliver the experience you expect throughout your workplace environment, including those designed for collaboration, presentation, and engagement.
  • Scheduling, launching, and management of your video infrastructure. Our Symphony Management Platform is AVI-SPL’s window into the video collaboration and AV tools across your enterprise. With Symphony, we manage your video calls, even those originating through our virtual meeting room services.
  • Proactive, remote monitoring of your AV systems and video collaboration technology. By hosting key modules of Symphony behind your firewall, we get a real-time overview of every AV and video system on your network, empowering us to address issues the instant they arise.
  • Insight into your AV system health and usage. Our Symphony platform integrates with Crestron Fusion™, an IT admin tool that lets you see, at a glance, the status of every room and device across your organization. Facilities managers make efficient use of all available rooms, staff find the rooms and tools they need to be productive, and we are swiftly notified when technical issues arise.

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Why work with AVI-SPL

In industry magazines, white papers, webinars, and podcasts, our technicians and programmers are consulted and interviewed for their insights into the how-to’s and what’s to come in AV control and management systems. We’re called upon for our knowledge because we excel at designing and integrating the solutions for clients like you. We have decades of experience and we understand how people put our solutions to use. Our engineers know how to get the job done, and can create new solutions to help you achieve your communication goals.