A new Frost & Sullivan paper offers valuable insight into the issues that global organizations think are key to shaping the future of workplace collaboration. In “Future of Collaboration in the Workplace: What’s on CIO’s Minds,” you’ll learn about four themes that IT leaders say are their most pressing challenges.

CIO insights into workplace collaboration

This paper summarizes the results of a series of roundtables that included AVI-SPL customers and technology partners. These roundtables gave 40 global companies in finance, pharmaceutical, technology, and manufacturing the chance to speak candidly about the challenges to work-related collaboration in light of the pandemic.

The companies in the roundtables shared their challenges and opportunities regarding work and collaboration. Learn about their four key issues that are top of mind for IT decision makers and business leaders, including:

  • Future of work
  • Meeting equity
  • Interoperability across technology platforms
  • User experience and well-being

Learn from the world’s leading companies

This paper includes the perspectives of companies including Amazon, Capital One, Citi, Estee Lauder, Ford Motor, Novartis, and many others. We hope that their insights will inspire you to reshape your organization and embrace new opportunities.

At the end of this paper, you’ll discover four steps you can take to shift to the future workplace.

Work with AVI-SPL

Do these themes resonate with you and the changes underway in your organization? Contact us and let’s discuss solving your collaboration challenges.