Getting employees to willingly return to the office often hinges on what kind of experience they have on site. Display technologies can impact employee experience by improving many aspects of work, from inclusivity to frame of mind. For example, the ability to see and be seen via video can improve morale and relationships in the hybrid office. Additionally, research shows that video or immersive technology can boost mood through audiovisual exposure to simulated nature scenes.

Those are just a couple of examples, but there are many more ways you can use display technology to create better employee experiences in the modern workplace.

Focus on the employee experience

Before you start making drastic changes to the office, it helps to start with a strategy for improving employee experience. Choose technology and consider its placement based on the impact you want it to have and how it will make employees feel.

Digital signage is one way to make the office more inviting and engaging. Display quality and content can contribute to the atmosphere you want to establish. Displays and digital signage can support your company’s personality, whether that be an environment of sophistication, innovation, creativity, or adventure.

Similarly, choose or create content that fosters appreciation, inspiration, motivation, productivity, and employee satisfaction. This can be anything from sharing company news to publicly acknowledging employee achievements or even promoting inter-office games and competitions.

Engage employees when they return to office

There has been a lot of discussion around employees who say they are “quiet quitting,” meaning they’re checked out or disengaged. One way to fix this trend is to provide flexibility in where and how employees may work, since 90% of “remote-capable” employees said they like remote work flexibility. Most of those said they prefer a hybrid arrangement.

Happy employees are more likely to be engaged, and flexibility is critical to that happiness. These are some ways you can use display technologies to add flexibility and engaging content to all areas of the office.

 Social areas

Make common spaces more enjoyable while reinforcing company culture and camaraderie. Display technologies in break rooms, cafeterias, recreation areas, and outdoor spaces can support team interaction or spontaneous collaboration.

 Collaboration spaces

Displays in conference rooms, boardrooms, and town hall auditoriums will improve inclusion and provide clearer communication for both on-site and remote employees. The ability to see collaborators improves engagement and team building.


Lobbies, hallways, and walkways are great places to grab the attention of passersby. These are opportunities to inform and engage those who made the effort to come into the office.

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