A few months into 2021, teams continue to work from home, in the office, and move between the two. Teams must be able to collaborate from anywhere. As a result, the need for quality video conferencing tools in every workspace continues to grow. Gartner reported that nearly three in four CFOs plan to shift at least 5% of previously on-site employees to permanently remote positions post-COVID 19 in a recent survey.

Now, Frost & Sullivan explores a new breed of collaboration device, the all-in-one video conferencing bar in one of its latest reports. Logitech Rally Bars are featured in the product spotlight section.

Read insights on the emergence of the video-first enterprise and how the choice of devices has proliferated. Choosing the right solution includes balancing the different wants of IT and end users. IT focuses on simplicity, scalability, and security, and privacy. Team members that use video conferencing devices care about how easy it is to join a meeting and use the technology, as well as robust audio, video, and content sharing.

In fact, the paper notes that “one out of three IT decision makers and business leaders cite ease of use and quality as a key concern when evaluating investments in video conferencing solutions.”



Intelligent Room Solutions

As demands from end-users and IT teams grow, so does the choice of intelligent room solutions. Businesses must deploy video-first cloud services and user-friendly devices quickly while ensuring solutions are easy to deploy on a large scale and deliver enterprise-level security. IT leaders must deliver all this while providing high-quality tools at a lower cost.

The Rise of the All-In-One Video Conferencing Bars

Enter the all-in-one video conferencing bar.

These devices combine the camera, software, speakers, and microphone in a sleek, compact unit. Frost & Sullivan shares how these turnkey devices transform the modern meeting experience. They offer a user-friendly experience and are easy to install and manage across multiple rooms and office locations.

End users also get to use the collaboration platforms they prefer with native integration with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and more. All-in-one video bars also let you position the device at the front of the room instead of on a table. They also offer best-in-class audio visual technologies.

Product Spotlight: Logitech Rally Bar

Next, the report takes a deep dive into Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini all-in-one solutions. Frost & Sullivan states, “The new Logitech Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini are all-in-one appliances that consolidate intelligent audio, video, and content sharing in a compact, sleek form factor.”

Rally Bar and Rally Bar mini offer positive end-user experiences. They offer users BYOD and USB plug-and-play capabilities. Prefer a PC or Mac? Connect either one to a Logitech Rally Bar for an outstanding collaboration experience. Users can run in appliance mode enabled by native integration with Microsoft, Zoom, and other video conferencing platforms.

I had it out of the box and making Zoom calls with my iPad in under an hour. The right sight camera framing is the best I have seen in a soundbar of this size and the music sounds fantastic. Logitech has taken everything we love about the MeetUp product and tripled its performance and quality.


Adam Stanton, UCC Engineer Manager, AVI-SPL

Team members will hear everyone clearly with low distortion speakers and premium video quality delivered by Ultra HD 4K cameras.  IT will love the Logitech Bar too with cloud-based real-time monitoring via Logitech Sync.

Logitech Brings Advanced Video Collaboration to Every Room

Rally Bar Mini is designed for small meeting rooms and huddle rooms.

Rally Bar delivers an excellent video-first collaboration experience in your mid-sizes meeting rooms.

Rally Bar Plus with RoomMate is perfect for large meeting rooms.

In summary, Frost & Sullivan notes three keys to making the right video conferencing solution for your organization. Tools should be simple to deploy, simple to use, and simple to manage.

Get full details and learn more about Logitech Rally Bars  in the Frost & Sullivan “Revolutionize the Meeting Experience with Robust All-In-One Video Conferencing Bars,” whitepaper sponsored by Logitech.

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