As companies continue planning for employees’ return to the office, certain trends are emerging. Employers are increasingly adopting hybrid workplace technology that empowers employees who are working on-site, and those working remotely. You also need to support team members going back and forth between the two.

Watch for These Tech Trends as You Plan a Return to Office    

Trends for the hybrid workplace are technology-focused, and often centered on smart building and IoT capabilities. Trends to watch include:  

  • Health and safety, including thermal imaging to detect fevers and touchless registration to track visitors in the building 
  • Digital signage to direct employees and visitors, and communicate important information while minimizing in-person interactions
  • Integrated room scheduling systems, including scheduling panels that let you reserve a room with a single touch
  • Room occupancy sensors to track how many people are in meeting spaces, as well as what individual desks are in use at any given time 

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Standardize Meeting Spaces for Productive Hybrid Work  

Standardization of technology in meeting spaces has been accelerated by the hybrid work model, and it is especially critical for companies with a global footprint. With standardized technology and interfaces across all your spaces and locations, employees can walk into any room and launch or join calls quickly and easily. 

Standardized meeting spaces should be easy to schedule, preventing rooms from being overscheduled and overcrowded. 

Support IT and AV Staff with Remote Monitoring Tools  

The transition to hybrid work also requires adaptations in the way IT and AV teams support technology users. IT teams are now supporting employees who are working from home, as well as those who are on-site. And IT teams want to reduce their own in-person time, too. 

Remote monitoring tools can help IT teams troubleshoot issues for users at home and in the office. Streamlined remote support options can also include quick and easy touchless solutions such as scanning a QR code with your phone to initiate a support call, or to pull up directions on how to use meeting room technology. 

Ticket management will be key for the support teams to keep on top of the issues they need to resolve, minimize the labor onsite, and reduce the time it takes to resolve issues. 

Be Prepared for the New Hybrid Workplace 

The return to office isn’t as simple as just getting your employees back to their desks. Companies need to think strategically about what technology empowers employees to work how and where they want, and how to successfully implement those tools in their new hybrid workplace. 

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