Everyone is ready to get out of the house, but they may need a reason to take the plunge. Using color, illumination, and high-quality light, organizations of every kind can create immersive in-person experiences that encourage customers to safely venture outside.

AVI-SPL’s Nancy Lussier, sat down with Larry Paul, Christie Digital’s executive director of technology and custom solutions to talk about how to create in-person experiences you can’t get in a virtual setting.

Use High Quality Color to Tell Your Organization’s Story


During this podcast, Paul discussed how high quality of color is a key component to creating exceptional visual experiences. 

Viewing exceptional color in person—such as the brilliant reds and yellows of fall leaves or the deep blue of a mountain lake — delivers an immersive experience. These vibrant colors are difficult to replicate in a home theater or home office. Why? The quality of your personal device (laptop, tablet, or television) impacts how bright and vivid colors are on screen.

Whether you are creating visualization and simulation content for a meeting space or building an entire experience for a theme park, high-quality color and light will bring your creative vision to life. Immersive experiences powered by vivid color draw people to in-person events. 

Create Vibrant Illumination with Laser Projection Technology

Laser illuminated projectors are one of the newest ways to create immersive experiences through full-color volume. Today’s laser projectors use diffused light coming out of a lens, and there are two laser projection options to consider: 

  • RGB Laser. An RGB laser projector uses individual red, green, and blue lasers to fill the color volume. It allows you to see and experience color in a way you simply can’t at home. The higher contrast lenses and higher contrast performance make the color of your images look just like the real world. Applications for RGB laser projectors include theme parks, trade shows, and planetariums, or other places where people go to have an experience. If you are trying to simulate reality, the RGB laser is the ideal choice. 
  • Laser Phosphor. This laser projector uses only blue laser diodes. The blue lasers shine on a yellow phosphor-coated spinning wheel. The yellow light separates to create red and green light, while the blue light travels straight through. Applications for this laser projector include boardrooms, classrooms, auditoriums, retail locations, and houses of worship. 

Whatever your application, Christie Digital has the laser projection solution to help you bring the wow factor to your in-person experience environment.

Build In-Person Environments Worthy of Wow 

To start designing immersive experiences that will bring people back to your physical spaces, get in touch with AVI-SPL today.