As employees return to offices and students return to classrooms and lecture halls, the restrictions and impacts of an ongoing global pandemic still loom large. To reopen safely, workplaces and educational institutions need to observe health and safety protocols such as frequent sanitizing, limited capacity in meeting rooms, and other social distancing requirements.

Audio visual solutions such as PTZ cameras can help companies and schools observe these critical measures without sacrificing collaboration and learning. Keep reading to find out how.

PTZ Cameras Improve Collaboration in the Hybrid Workplace

In the corporate setting, many employees continue to work from home, while in-person workers face reduced capacity and social distancing requirements in meeting rooms. A conference space that normally seats 12 people, for example, might only accommodate six or eight in-person participants once social distance is accounted for.

That means virtual participation in meetings remains high, and companies need a way to include workers everywhere without sacrificing employee engagement or collaboration. In the hybrid workplace, every meeting room should be equipped with updated video conferencing technology that makes it easy to stream the meeting to virtual attendees, whether they are in the next room or across town.

PTZ cameras provide excellent image quality so even remote participants feel like they are in the room. Pan, tilt, and zoom functionality provides a variety of views of the speaker and the room so the focus is always on what’s most important, whether that’s a pacing presenter, content on a display screen, or a view of everyone in the room even if they are sitting far apart.

Exquisite 4K At Your Fingertips: Introducing Canon’s Family
of 4K PTZ Cameras

PTZ Cameras Support HyFlex Classrooms and Remote Learning

Hybrid Flexible, or HyFlex, classrooms are designed to provide every student with the same learning experience, whether they are in-person, remote, or watching a lecture on demand. PTZ cameras are a critical upgrade for HyFlex classrooms.

PTZ cameras are controllable from a single system touch panel, reducing contact points and making them easy for even non-technical teaching assistants and professors to manage.

The pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities allow the cameras to focus on one specific area in the classroom at a time and easily move between focus areas as needed. A PTZ camera can capture a wide angle of the room and all the in-person students just as easily as it can zoom in on a whiteboard. Auto-tracking capabilities even allow the camera to follow a presenter who is moving around the room.

Canon Offers Camera Solutions for Any Collaboration Application

Canon has a wide range of camera products that can meet virtually any imaging need. The CR-N500 PTZ camera, for example, allows for smooth and responsive pan and tilt control while also providing high quality video output. Put them together and you have a positive and equitable meeting or learning experience for everyone everywhere.

To start upgrading your meeting space, classroom, or lecture hall with PTZ cameras and other AV tools, get in touch with AVI-SPL today.