According to a recent survey, 1 in 4 Americans will be working from home in the year 2021. That means offices everywhere need to make changes to support a hybrid work environment, and the right audiovisual solutions can help make the transition smoother.

According to the experts at AVI-SPL and Legrand AV, here are some steps you can start with:

  • Replace short-term AV solutions with more robust, permanent solutions that can support remote workers for the long-term.
  • Improve ergonomics to increase productivity. Ergonomic seating, good lighting, and solutions such as adjustable monitor arms are all important to a comfortable environment.
  • Provide connectivity solutions such as laptop docking stations that make migrating between home and the office simpler and faster.
  • Elevate the hybrid meeting experience with high-resolution desktop cameras, face lighting such as simple ring lights, and advanced audio solutions such as speakers, mics, and headsets.
  • Improve bandwidth in shared home environments with high-performance routers to maximize the use of high resolution video conferencing.

Choosing the right AV solutions for your hybrid workplace can also help ensure every participant has an equitable meeting experience no matter where they are joining from. Hearing and seeing, as well as being seen and heard, are critical to creating a level playing field and ensuring remote workers are not left behind.

By adopting more flexible and varied room designs, companies can support these different types of meetings and modes of hybrid work. Flexible room furniture and integrated room technology can help prioritize the experience of meeting participants who are not in the room.

Legrand AV and their portfolio of brands such as Chief, Da-Lite, Middle Atlantic Products, and Vaddio provide AV technologies that support meeting diversity for the hybrid workforce, including:

  • Microphones that capture the audio of all participants.
  • Mobile conferencing carts or semi-permanent furniture installations outfitted with intelligent cameras, large displays, and AV equipment to enable anytime, anywhere conferencing and collaboration.
  • Displays, cameras and mics that can be set up in non-traditional settings to facilitate an increase in meetings as teams slowly migrate back to the office.

To learn more about the AV solutions Legrand AV has to offer, watch our video podcast today.

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