Lee Binschus, Senior Account Manager for the Direct View LED Control Room Market at LG Business Solutions, visited The Collaboration Space to talk about the latest trends in control rooms and cybersecurity spaces. He also shares how video walls can support the new demands of these rooms and create situational awareness. For instance, supporting remote workers with access to data,

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Top Trends for Video Walls in Control Rooms and Cybersecurity Spaces

The design goal is always the same: to provide solutions that help customers meet their own needs and goals. For control rooms and cybersecurity spaces, those needs have traditionally been contained within the four walls of the space. Information had to get to the right person at the right time within the room, but data rarely traveled outside the room. 

However, things are different today. 

  • Data and bandwidth are not as expensive as they used to be
  • Big data is coming into control rooms from all sorts of sources, including sensors on cameras, traffic lights, body cams, and even smartphones
  • Big data can be audio, video, or other content 

Now, with remote work on the rise, all this data and information needs to be accessible from anywhere. Remote workers also need access to the analytical software used to see the data, analyze it, and create an actionable response. 

How Can We Help You View Big Data?

LG and AVI-SPL can help customers integrate AV and IT solutions to meet their unique requirements. LG products provide the security, analytics, and everything else users need. 

There are many different applications for control rooms and cybersecurity spaces. These include government, defense, data centers, transportation, energy, and utilities. Each of these applications has many things in common. But, they also have enough subtleties to make their challenges unique. 

Whichever market you serve, LG can provide nearly everything you need. Cloud-based systems can help connect people inside the room with people outside the room. Large-format displays can make critical data easily visible in control and cybersecurity spaces. Specifically, their Direct View LED displays are an ideal solution.

Get the Right AV and IT Tools for Your Control Room or Cybersecurity Space

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