Around the world, justice organizations are using video conferencing to hold remote court proceedings. While this trend has accelerated in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced even faster adoption of video. One of the early adopters is the Paulding County, Georgia, government.

See how the Paulding County government uses video

On Tuesday, March 16, at 11 a.m. ETPexip and AVI-SPL will host a panel discussion with a special guest from the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office. This live talk will look at how Paulding County is leading the way and:

  • How video is being used to conduct normal business
  • The impact of COVID-19 the judicial system
  • Challenges faced and lessons learned
  • The future of video for judicial applications

Hear from a panel of experts

For this webinar, we’ve assembled a diverse array of panelists who represent Paulding County, Pexip, and AVI-SPL. Mike Asbury, director of enterprise solutions for Pexip, will moderate the event. He’ll be joined by:

  • Colonel Chad Hunton, chief deputy, Paulding County Sheriff’s Office
  • Andrew Henshaw, grant writer, Pexip
  • Sterling Enfield, services account manager, AVI-SPL
  • Jay Bosch, director, state & local government and education, AVI-SPL

Register for this webinar on video in court proceedings

AVI-SPL and Pexip are hosting this event on March 16 at 11 a.m. ET. Click the button below to register and reserve your spot.